Why can’t CF Mall buy Purgatory?

2022-05-29 0 By

Cf Mall does not have a channel to buy purgatory at present. If a player wants to own Gatling Purgatory, he can only get it through king Raider activity. If he buys resurrection coins for 10Q, he can get 1 key, and if he buys resurrection coins for 100Q, he can get 11 keys.The following is a small series to introduce it!Gatling Purgatory is fast and powerful, which is worth owning by players. Besides, the appearance of Purgatory is also very nice. You can see that the whole gun is mainly silver, and after firing for a period of time, the transparent shell can see the burning flame inside.Let a person feel powerful, as long as the shooting has a kind of inexplicable pleasure!When the gun is fired, blue fire comes from the tip of the gun, and blue flame comes from the two holes in the gun.Cool is Max!In addition, the attribute of Purgatory also makes it very smooth for the player to use it. The rate of fire is 722 rounds per minute, the first round takes 0.8 seconds to reload, and the subsequent rounds take no time. The movement speed is 77 and the cutting speed is 0.77 seconds.This kind of data is also very considerable, it is a strong weapon.Just unfortunately want to chao ability in the mall to buy he is no good, want to get it only through participation in activities of indiana to earn, but now also can’t get this kind of weapon, there is no activity can get this kind of purgatory, can only wait for the official launch of the next activity, or take a look at the official follow-up will no longer mall stores the purgatory.The above is xiaobian for you to sort out the relevant content, I hope to help you.If there are any mistakes, please criticize and point them out. Thank you!