Major General Peng Guangqian signed “Yan ‘an Spirit shines forever” for Military king Li Changdong

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Military king Li Changdong made full use of red resources to carry forward the inheritance of red genes, do not forget the original aspiration, carry forward the spirit of Yan ‘an, and actively engaged in the great cause of red collection.It was supported and encouraged by many revolutionary descendants and red collectors.Major General Peng Guangqian, former director of the Strategic Research Department of the Academy of Military Sciences of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, signed “Yan ‘an Spirit shine forever” for Military king Li Changdong and took a photo with him, because The Yan ‘an spirit transcend time and space, remains fresh as time goes by, and inspires generations of Communists to forge ahead.It will provide strong spiritual impetus for comprehensively building China into a great modern socialist country and realizing the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.Major General Peng Guangqian hopes that Li Changdong can actively carry forward the Spirit of Yan ‘an and make brilliant achievements in his favorite red collection career.Recently, Li Changdong paid attention to the video report of “Finally Found! Li Min, Liu Si, Chen Changjiang, And Chairman MAO Memorial Hall (precious video)” on The video brought Li Changdong back to memory and said:”I saw Aunt Liu Siqi and Aunt Li Min holding a bag that serves the people. This bag is my collection. They especially like this bag.”Military king Li Changdong thanks China Red net, because there are many shots of military king Li Changdong in this video…Li Desheng, a former soldier from Shandong province in Xinjiang province, sent the video report, calling Li Changdong a “great inherator of the Red culture” after visiting the military products king.Peng Guangqian, male, Han nationality, born in November 1943 in Huangpi, Hubei province, occupation: soldier;Rank: Major General, military critic.Editor graduated from Beijing university, has published “China’s national defense”, the problem of the basic theory of military strategy, “military strategy as”, “the strategic thought of deng xiaoping theory”, “the strategy” and other works, because the strategy theoretical attainments and contribution to the theory was named national outstanding contribution expert, army specialized technical major contribution award, won the second-grade merit.