“Qi” heart “lu” force

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“The sun is setting in the west, and the weishan Lake is quiet…”Stepping into Weishan Island, located in Weishan County, Jining City, Shandong Province, you will hear the song from the 1950s red film Railway Guerrillas.From the island pier boat into the winter weishan Lake, waving reed flowers, water birds hovering, the water is clear, like a quiet ink painting.Today weishan Lake is still “quiet”, but the local people’s life has become more prosperous.Nanyang Ancient Town at the north end of Weishan Lake is composed of the main island Nanyang Island and several small islands. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal runs through the town. In ancient times, it was an important hub connecting the north and the south.In recent years, thanks to the rich tourism resources and good ecological environment, many fishermen in nanyang ancient town embarked on the road of transformation and income increase.Li zhandong and his wife run a lake products store in nanyang ancient town, selling weishan Lake duck eggs, carp, lotus root and other weishan lake specialties. The Spring Festival is the busiest time for the couple.Li Zhandong is packing weishan Lake ma duck eggs ready to be sent.Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Xinyi photo “this period of time can sell at least four or five thousand weishan Lake ma duck eggs every day.”Li Zhandong said.Wang Shaopeng is a native of Nanyang town, he is familiar with sailing.Now, as a postman for the town post office, he shuttles packages across the lake for six or seven hours a day.”In the past, we delivered letters and newspapers, but now people are better off. Online shopping is convenient and people can buy a variety of things.Whatever it is, we send refrigerators, washing machines and TV sets to the villagers by boat.”Wang Shaopeng said that the Spring Festival is the busiest time for logistics and express business, and people in the Lake district buy and sell Spring Festival goods.Weihe village lies deep in weishan Lake. For generations, the villagers here have made a living by fishing and made boats their home. The whole village floats on the water.”In the past, I was floating in the lake and fishing depended on the weather. I could count on a few thousand dollars left all the year round.”Zhang Guiyong, a villager in Weihe Village, said eco-tourism now attracts tourists to the lake, and the sight of connecting boats and boats has become a feature of the village’s fishermen’s tourism. The restaurant he runs with his son and daughter-in-law is doing a roaring business, selling weishan Lake specialties, and earned 400,000 yuan last year.Weishan Lake tourist area provides tourists with folk performances.Weishan Lake is now thriving, but once it almost lost its beauty because of pollution.At the end of the last century, the weishan Lake was surrounded by coal mines, paper mills, fertilizer plants and cement plants, and the water quality in the lake exceeded the standard. The species of fish, birds and aquatic plants in the lake decreased dramatically, making it almost a “soy sauce lake,” said Wang Yun, a fourth-grade researcher at the Weishan County branch of The Jining Ecological environment Bureau.In recent years, Weishan county has made great efforts to control the lake. In the early stage, weishan county has coordinated the closure of small thermal power plants, paper mills, coking and other enterprises with serious pollution around the lake, and the lake is peaceful.In the later stage, all enterprises were urged to upgrade the standard and the external drainage was superior to the surface water standard.At the same time, in order to enhance the self-purification capacity of the water body, the local government has made great efforts to clear the aquaculture water area, clean up the artificial aquaculture facilities such as cage and net enclosure in the lake area, and increase the “artificial wetland filtration” to purify the water quality into the lake.A series of effective remediation measures to weishan Lake to restore the past clear water wave, birds flying fish scene.”With the comprehensive improvement of water quality, the biodiversity of Weishan Lake has been greatly restored, and small whitebait, hair-knife fish and mandarin fish, which have been missing for a long time, have also reappeared in the lake.”Wang yunwu said.In the evening, viewed from the shore, the setting sun sets against the clear water of weishan Lake.Weishan Lake is quiet again, and the familiar melody echoes back to the human brain.(Reporter Zhang Xinyi, Sun Xiaohui)