Real Volkswagen Sagitar, 133,500 from sale, good power and low fuel consumption, home travel can not be wrong to choose it

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For consumers with a budget of around 150,000 yuan and plans to buy a family compact car, Volkswagen Sagitar is definitely the first model to consider.After all, is from the popularity of high recognition of the public, and good sales, the overall quality has also survived the test, these are obviously the main reason for the longevity of Sagitar.So what’s the performance?Which model is worth buying?The official guiding price of models for sale is 133,500 to 165,900 yuan. The model for this actual auction is the 2021 280TSI DSG beyond version, which is the 1.4T version of the medium model, and the guiding price is 155,900 yuan.The main reason for the analysis of this version is that the 1.4T engine is adopted, which can meet the needs of most car scenarios and the price can be accepted by such consumers.First of all, the front face is still the standard popular style.Biased full body layout, wide chrome-plated air intake grille, quite a bit of Volkswagen Magton both visual sense.There is no denying that both Volkswagen Sagitar and SAIC Volkswagen Lavida, although the appearance design does not give us a sense of surprise, it is durable and meets the aesthetic taste of most domestic consumers. There is no doubt that sometimes a little middle is not a bad thing.It is worth mentioning that although the transcendental version is Volkswagen Sagitar 1.4T version of the entry model, but far and near lights are LED light source, at the same time, LED daytime running lights and fog lights in front of the car are not absent in it, which often run long distance or run night for friends, no doubt very good to ensure the safety of driving.For the side of the Volkswagen Sedan, it is also a realistic portrayal of the rules and rules. Fortunately, the design of the side and back with a slight slip back and the 17-inch multi-spoke aluminum alloy wheel hub add a bit of sports fashion atmosphere for it.Especially with the matching color of manganite black body, the length, width and height are 4753*1800*1462mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2731mm. Under the support of this size, the atmosphere is the first impression to me.In addition, the tire model is 205/55 R17, which is also the mainstream level of the same level.Turning around and coming to the rear of the car, I feel that compared with the front face, the design of the rear of the car is more acceptable to young consumers.Although the overall layout has a strong public atmosphere, but through the way of smoking the taillight, combined with the small spoiler at the rear, there is no such dull old feeling, but the hidden exhaust layout, to a certain extent, weakened the visual impact.Volkswagen Sagitar since the change, the interior layout has changed a lot.If compared with many domestic cars at present, there is still a big gap between Volkswagen Sagitar’s texture construction, but compared with the old model, there is indeed a lot of progress.The design is tilted to the driver’s side, which is convenient for operation in driving. In addition, the cumbersome physical keys in the past are eliminated. The air-conditioning adjustment keys with high daily use frequency are retained under the air outlet, and the damping of the keys is moderate.The 8-inch LCD instrument panel and 8-inch LCD display favored by young consumers are assembled from the original factory. In addition to conventional reverse image and Bluetooth, the 8-inch LCD also supports mobile phone interconnection, voice recognition control system and Internet of vehicles. There are two USB interfaces in the front and back row, which are also convenient for daily use.However, it should be noted that the original car did not provide vehicle-mounted navigation, and 9.2-inch LCD screen, 10.3 inch LCD dashboard, need to be installed later, according to their own car to decide it.After all, knee airbag, rear parking radar, cruise control these safety and practical configuration is not absent, the original car configuration state is also basically enough.Seat material, this model of Sagitar beyond the use of leather material materials, coupled with the back row relatively spacious seating space and panoramic skylight application, legs and head space have commendable performance.However, the seats are relatively hard, the main and passenger seats lack electric adjustment, and there is a large bulge in the middle of the back row, which affects the ride comfort to a certain extent.But the back seat supports the proportion to put down, the volume of the trunk is 553L, the practicality is guaranteed.Powertrain comes in 1.2T and 1.4T engines with maximum power of 85 and 110kW, respectively, matched with five-speed manual and seven-speed dry dual-clutch transmissions.In terms of fuel economy, the 1.2T version performs slightly better, with a combined fuel consumption of 5.3L/100km for THE NEDC. However, considering the displacement and power, for consumers with sufficient budgets, I would recommend the 1.4T version, breaking 100 in 8.7 seconds, and the combined fuel consumption of the NEDC is only 5.6L/100km.Suspension part, the use of macpherson type suspension and after the multi-link type suspension layout, high speed chassis solidity is better, faster speed over the bend can also have a good sense of support.The fly in the ointment is that the shock adjustment is hard, the speed is faster through speed bumps or potholes on the road, the feeling of turbulence is strong, of course, this is also the consistent style of German cars.Conclusion: The voice of ridicule has always been around Volkswagen Sagitar, but the sales have never disappointed the public, in fact, this can also see that the comprehensive strength of Sagitar is not so bad.At least the space, power and quality that consumers value, Volkswagen Sagitar can well meet the needs.Personally, if you have no special requirements for a brand and want to buy a family car with good power and mainstream recognition and sales, Volkswagen Sagitar can still be included in the category of first choice.