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On The 18th, in the darkness before dawn, chang ‘an quietly began to snow again.Unlike previous years, it was a rare spring snow.Cold idea into the bone, cold permeated into the dream, shallow sleep is always easy to wake up.But at five o ‘clock, the weather forecast predicted snow.Open the window, the dark night in the lights dim, as far as the eye can see, thin pieces of white sky and fall, between branches and leaves grass has fallen a thin layer of white.It’s really snowing!The window edge is cold, the taste of wind and snow is coming, the white fingertip can not stay, like a fragile butterfly.Snow, a dream in spring, really fell in the palm.There is no moonlight or starlight, the snow is all over the mountains and rivers, quietly enjoying in silence, a thousand pear flowers bloom.Is to write something, there is nothing better than words to record this year met the good.I just couldn’t get it out of my mind.Is amazing or sentimentally attached, or reluctant to part.What the eyes see is the most joy, but like is the most difficult to write the mind, simple not sincere, romantic too false, piled up not to show real, at a loss, as if can only say a – “like”.If the time does not dye thousands of dust, if the spring is not strong, if not let the snow, first dry for worship, open a tree strong white, to meet the next colorful.A person who is used to memories, a person who is used to not put down, a traveler displaced from place to place.Three thousand passers-by, ten feet of the world of mortals, meet you is fate, thank you for your love.Original text, without permission, shall not be reproduced, stolen text shall be corrected.