Service sinking, prevention in place this “wet” Spring Festival, Ningbo agricultural products supply full price stability

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“I received an early warning message from the agricultural and rural authorities at the end of last month, and now almost all the vegetables that can be harvested have been collected. Greenhouses have been tightened and strengthened, and insulation and heating materials and snow removal tools have been prepared.”February 3, Cixi Rui its farm head told reporters.In order to reduce the adverse impact of continuous low temperature rain and snow on agricultural production, in recent days, ningbo agricultural and rural departments organized the majority of agricultural technical cadres to go deep into the fields and orchard vegetable fields, hand in hand guidance and help farmers to do a good job of crop cold and frost resistance, and strive to reduce the loss of freezing damage to the lowest.At present, ningbo can harvest vegetables in the field area of 86,200 mu, the daily harvest output of 3991 tons, daily supply of 2960 tons, the main varieties are broccoli, ordinary cabbage, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, cabbage, leek and so on;A total of 1855 pigs were slaughtered and 8000 pigs will be supplied tomorrow.The amount of real estate poultry eggs on the market is 115 tons.The supply of major agricultural products is sufficient and the prices are stable.Low temperature rain and snow defense, technical services to keep up.Before 2000, the Agriculture and rural departments of Ningbo city sent 10 guiding groups to the fields to carry out direct services to local farmers, helping to guide farmers to implement anti-snow and anti-freezing measures according to the location, time and seedling, and strengthening targeted technical guidance and services.At the same time, through various ways to timely release low-temperature rain and snow freezing weather warning information and defense technology measures, efforts to reduce the adverse impact of low-temperature rain and snow weather may bring.Since the release of the circular, nearly 200 guidance and service teams have been dispatched at the municipal and county levels, providing guidance and service to more than 800 people, providing field service to more than 500 households (including rural households), and distributing more than 20,000 copies of the compilation of guidance manuals on agricultural response to low temperature and severe cold.”Now is the ripe season of broccoli flowers, continuous cloudy and rainy weather, will cause rot, affect the harvest, we need to rush to harvest mature flowers as soon as possible.”Recently, agricultural technology expert Zhang Rui came to Longshan Town cixi City to check the situation of west blue flowers, and guide farmers to do a good job of low temperature rain and snow freezing weather prevention work.At the Haitong Times Farm, Zhang watches the breeding of watermelon grafted seedlings and instructs farmers to properly cover straw or film to raise the temperature.Ma Xiaofu, the technical director of the farm, said: “Recently, there have been a lot of rainy weather, and now the temperature drop, I was worried about the growth of these seedlings, but now it is better, agricultural experts to the field to give me guidance, this batch of seedlings are saved.Prevention in place to minimize the adverse impact of low temperature rain and snow weather.Beilun District Qingtai fruit professional cooperative has facilities to cultivate red Beauty orange area of 35 mu, has prepared sufficient diesel heat fan, part of the shed has also been covered with double film;Jiangbei Adong farm to promote early grape sprouts, there is hot water circulation heating equipment in the shed, can effectively prevent the occurrence of freezing harm.”The continuous wet weather has caused the soil to remain too wet and some cropland has been flooded, especially in some low-lying plots, which is not good for the growth of winter crops such as wheat, rape and open vegetables.”Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural affairs reminds the relevant person, at present, the main is to seize the time to dredge ditches, reduce field humidity, ensure that ditches are connected, the rain stopped dry fields, prevent waterlogging.At the same time, the greenhouse facilities should be strengthened and damaged film repair, pay attention to the temperature in the shed at any time, if necessary, timely heating in the shed.Live in simple shed inside the vegetable farmers, farmers, heating should pay attention to scientific electricity, coal.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: