Technical Guidance on pre-production of Cotton in cotton Region of Yangtze River Basin in 2022

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Department of Crop Industry Administration, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Of the People’s Republic of China National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center Cotton Expert Steering Group, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China Cotton Expert Steering Group, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of ChinaIn view of the current production characteristics and meteorological conditions in the Cotton region of the Yangtze River Basin, the Planting Industry Administration Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, together with the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center and relevant experts of the Cotton Expert Guidance Group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, has studied and formulated the Technical Guidance Opinions on Pre-production of Cotton in the Cotton Region of the Yangtze River Basin in 2022.I. Direct seeding cotton after wheat (oil) To realize the centralized emergence of cotton bud, centralized bolling and centralized bolling is the core of light and efficient management and group control of direct seeding cotton after wheat (oil), and technical implementation should be carried out in the following aspects.(1) Variety selection.Select cotton varieties suitable for planting in this region, compact plant type, sensitive to chemical regulation, strong boll-setting, concentrated boll-forming, growth period of 110 days and high yield and quality.(2) Preparation before broadcasting.In principle, organic fertilizer should be used as the main fertilizer, and organic fertilizer should be combined with chemical fertilizer.General acres of commercial organic fertilizer about 150 kg, 45% NPK compound fertilizer 25-30 kg.At the same time, prepare the ground and prepare the cotton furrow system according to the mechanical requirements.(3) One sowing of the whole seedling.According to the demand of mechanical harvesting of brush roller or ingot type cotton picker, cotton row spacing of 76 cm or 81 cm is set. Mechanical precision sowing is carried out before the end of May when soil moisture content is suitable, with 1-2 seeds per hole and 2-3 cm depth. The planting density is determined according to soil fertility level, generally 5000-7500 plants per acre.Soil moisture is insufficient, sowing after timely watering and irrigation fast drainage, avoid flooding irrigation.(4) Field management.One is closed weeding.After seeding, aniline chemical herbicide was selected to spray uniformly along the seeding line for closed weeding before germination.The second is to clear ditches and manage soil moisture.After cotton field watering, in time to clear ditches and manage soil moisture, do a good job in the early stage of cotton field stain management.Third, promote early onset and balance.According to soil fertility and the appearance of cotton seedlings, it is suitable to apply fertilizer or spray 1% urea solution to promote the early growth and balanced growth of cotton seedlings.Fourth, the medium tillage soil.In seedling period, combine with weeding cultivator to loosen soil and promote cotton seedling to grow early and grow strong and long.Fifth, pest control.In the seedling and bud stages, cotton bugs, cotton thrips, cotton aphid, cotton mites and other pests are mainly controlled.Sixth, moderate chemical control.Bud period normal growth of cotton seedlings do not control, wang long cotton seedlings to light control, acres with acetylene amine 0.5-1.0 grams.2. Key control techniques should be implemented to improve the yield and quality of cotton transplanted after wheat (oil).(1) Variety selection.The cotton varieties with high yield and high quality were selected, which were suitable for planting in this region, sensitive to chemical regulation, high quality and high yield, with strong boll-setting ability and high potential for boll-forming and increasing yield in the later period, and within 130 days of growth.(2) light seedling.One is seedbed preparation.5-7 days before sowing seedbed, the general width of 1.2-1.3 meters (can be placed 2 pieces of hole disk), the bed flat patted after the spread of non-woven fabric.General late April “cold tail warm head” grab clear sowing.The second is substrate loading.Before loading, adjust the water content of the matrix. It is advisable to pinch the water out and fall to the ground at a height of 30 cm.After the matrix is loaded into the hole plate, the plate is scraped flat, and the plantar water is poured evenly, so that the matrix naturally sinks, and the water does not flow out of the hole plate.Three is the system of sowing pit.The hole is pressed with the hole dish, and the depth is appropriate to 1.5 centimeters.Fourth, precise sowing.One seed was planted in a cave, covered with a substrate and scraped flat.The hole tray is neatly discharged on the seedbed, and then the seedbed is evenly sprayed with 40% carbendazim 600 times liquid, and covered with non-woven cloth.Five is to build a canopy cover film.The shed is 50-80 centimeters high and 1.8 meters wide.Cover the film on the trellis, fixed taut compaction, open drainage ditch around the seedbed.(3) seedbed management.One is management before emergence.The temperature in the control shed is not higher than 35℃, and the relative humidity is 75%-90%. If the temperature in the shed exceeds 35℃, the sun shading net can be covered to cool down.When the cotton seedlings are basically out, remove the non-woven fabric.Second, management after emergence.Seedbed temperature to 20-30℃ is appropriate, in case of drought to water in time.When seedling emergence reaches more than 80%, ventilation should be carried out, and the size of the vent should be adjusted according to weather changes.Ventilation 2-3 days later, if the lowest temperature is higher than 15℃, can be ventilated day and night without membrane.In case of rain, wind weather should pay attention to protection.After the emergence of seedlings with the increase of ventilation and temperature rise, the bed water loss fast, according to the matrix and seedlings in time to water, watering time to 3 PM to 7 PM is appropriate.Third, management before transplanting.The temperature of seedling bed was controlled at about 25℃ from 2 true leaves to transplanting.5 — 7 days before transplanting, peel the film and test the seedlings.(four) timely transplanting.Cotton seedlings reach more than 2 leaves and 1 heart (seedling age 25-30 days), the previous crop after harvest when moisture content is suitable as early as possible transplanting.When transplanting, water enough, and make the root tuo surface below the soil surface about 2 cm.Transplanting density of 2400-3000 plants per mu is appropriate (row spacing of 80-100 cm).(5) Management after transplanting.5 — 7 days after transplanting, check the seedlings to make up the deficiency.Timely early tube to promote early hair, mid-tillage stubble, ditch drainage stains, disease prevention and insect treatment and topdressing to promote balance.Moderate control of seedling situation, bud period normal growth of cotton seedlings do not control, flourishing cotton seedlings to light control, acres with 1.0-1.5 grams of dAK.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: