Yangjiapo Town adheres to both epidemic prevention and control and economic development and strives for development to become a benchmark for rural revitalization

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In recent days, Yangjiapo town has been focusing on the two keys of “preventing imported goods from abroad” and “preventing domestic spread”, strictly implementing epidemic prevention and control measures, adhering to both epidemic prevention and control and economic development, taking multiple measures and precise measures, overcoming all difficulties to grasp development, concentrating their minds and concentrating their efforts, and making every effort to achieve a “good start” in the first quarter.Dig potential growth to build rural revitalization of the new model Yang Jiabo town characteristic agricultural town of give attention to two or morethings and produce the double characteristics of the blending of city street town, adhere to the path of specialization, “new”, push the project to the park, around service industrial park and regional development, promote the construction of town, do to produce hing town, town presses to produce, truly achieve town of fusion.We will focus on building “one town, one industry, one village, one product”, strengthen large-scale operations, extend the industrial chain, deepen the integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and create a new model of rural revitalization.Yangjiapo Town grasps the strategic opportunity, gives play to the location advantage, increases the analysis and judgment, finds out the base number of enterprises in the area, digs the development potential of enterprises, takes out the hard recruitment, and guides enterprises to transform and upgrade, innovate and develop, and become bigger and stronger.We will vigorously develop intelligent manufacturing industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy and new materials, and accelerate the cultivation of new economic growth points.We should set up the work concept of “serving enterprises is serving development”, pay close attention to the development needs of enterprises, take effective measures to timely help enterprises rescue and solve difficulties, play a good role in serving enterprises, continue to optimize the business environment, and escort the development of enterprises.Always pay attention to the operation of enterprises, deepen the implementation of the work of pairing, strengthen investment exchanges and training, improve the quality of town investment personnel, to carry out investment work;Focus on the introduction of new energy, new building materials, equipment manufacturing industry projects, projects to promote the economic development of the town.Yangjiapo Town fully understands the current epidemic prevention and control situation, implements the normal epidemic prevention and control measures, improves emergency response capacity, earnestly implements the “one post and two responsibilities”, and comprehensively performs epidemic prevention and control work.Strictly implement grid management.Adhere to the problem-oriented, refine the division of responsibilities, clarify the responsibilities of all administrators and grid staff, and make every effort to strengthen epidemic prevention in rural areas.Meetings on epidemic prevention and control have been held to mobilize the establishment of a mass prevention and control system and mechanism, consolidate the responsibilities and tasks of township and village officials, popularize epidemic prevention and control knowledge, publicize epidemic prevention and control policies through wechat groups, electronic screens, notices, banners and loudspeakers, and report the archiving information of returnees and those planning to return to their hometowns on a daily basis.We will intensify inspections of key places.Promote and advocate wechat, telephone, video New Year’s greetings, reduce personnel flow and gathering.Strengthen the control of farmers’ markets, restaurants and other crowded places, requiring staff to wear masks, and strictly implement temperature scanning code registration.Advocate simple and healthy lifestyle.Yangjiapo Town earnestly implements the spirit of the fourth session of the district Committee and the third plenary (expanded) meeting and the economic work meeting, holds the economic situation analysis meeting, closely focuses on the actual development, summarizes the economic work in 2021, and deployment of key tasks in 2022.In this paper, the progress, difficulties and the next steps of the key projects in the town are studied in depth.At the meeting, Yangjiapo Town should actively strive for superior policies and support from all parties, and strive to become the benchmark of rural revitalization in the new district;Change passive coping to active attack, advance planning, active action;Instead of asking for money, the initiative to make money, around increasing farmers’ income to promote common prosperity;Change head-beating decision to scientific decision, learn deep understanding, precise policy.In 2022, Yangjiapo Town will make clear its direction and focus on key issues.In agriculture, we undertook and promoted the modern agricultural park project, made annual plans step by step, and steadily promoted the construction of the five major sectors.Accelerate the conversion of industrial aquaculture water sources and realize tap water connection as soon as possible;We carried out a project to build 3,757 hectares of high-standard farmland, and promoted the construction of animal husbandry communities.In industry, we will deepen the reform of the management system of the park, set up investment promotion center and three working groups, and speed up investment and project construction.The simultaneous issuance of special bonds and special funds to speed up infrastructure construction;Adhere to the project is the king, coordinate 2 projects to complete the land transfer, promote 5 projects to start production.In the service industry, it will focus on the development of the “integrated fishing and light” project, take the renovation of high-standard ponds of 2,000 mu as the pilot, and create the integrated development model of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries of “underwater breeding, water power generation, and waterside leisure”.