1-0!Manchester United 1, Tottenham 0, Arsenal: I offer 3

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Arsenal won 1-0 at Wolves in the barclays Premier League on February 11, 2008.Before that, Arsenal were sixth and Wolves eighth, two points behind them and could overtake them if wolves win at home.In the end, though, the skinny Arsenal proved to be bigger than Wolves, and Arsenal, though not as good as they were then, still had the last laugh.The only goal of the game came in the 25th minute when Garibouel scored the decisive goal after a corner kick from Arsenal and a scuffle in the Wolves area.Lacazette had a chance to extend his side’s advantage after a goal but wasted it.In the 69th minute of the second half, Arsenal had to play a man down after Martinelli was sent off for two yellow cards for a quick push and foul.Wolves then came back and created a number of chances, but they wasted them all, leaving Mikel Arteta in awe as Arsenal snatched the three points at 10-11.With the win, Arsenal moved up from Manchester United to fifth in the table.In recent seasons, Manchester City and Liverpool have been so dominant that the Premier League title has not been in doubt early on, and the four-way race has become the hottest topic.But interestingly, the big teams seem not to worry, they continue to upset, the four suspense, left to the end.In midweek, for example, Manchester United drew and Tottenham were beaten at home, but Arsenal didn’t seem to want to concede four, and they went straight for three when United scored one and Tottenham nil.Manchester United, Tottenham hotspur and Arsenal are expected to compete for the last champions League spot in the premier League this season. Now Arsenal have made an early start, and Manchester United and Tottenham hotspur can’t be taken lightly.