Bain’s free throw ends Green’s 20 and Isaiah eliminates Worthy

2022-05-31 0 By

On February 19, the 2022 All-Star Weekend kicked off in Cleveland, where the rookie Challenge kicked off. Isiah edged Worthy 50-49 in the first game to advance to the finals.Statistically, Isaiah’s Sadiq Bay had 16 points, four rebounds, three assists and three steals, Bayne 10 points and Stewart 10 points and six rebounds.For worthy, Jaylen Green had 20 points, Marcus Suggs 16 points and Jason Giddy two points, nine rebounds and six assists.Isiah built a 10-point lead at 29-19, but worthy, led by Giddy and Green, came back 40-39 to force a timeout.Suggs hit a rebound to set up teammate Kol Anthony’s layup to give Worthy a 48-46 lead in the final minutes.Green and Suggs missed a chance to end the game, and Bain hit two free throws to help Isiah eliminate Worthy.This year’s rookie rules have been tweaked slightly so that each team will have a goal score of 50 points per game, with no time limit (the shot clock will remain 24 seconds) for the first team to make 50 points from a field goal or free throw to win.The winner of the two matches advances to the finals.The final teams will have a goal of 25 points, and there will still be no time limit (the shot clock will still be 24 seconds). The game will start 50-50, and the first team to make 75 points from field goal or free throw will win.The squad Isaiah team (Isaiah Thomas) : Anthony Edwards (Minnesota), Thailand ray plug – halliburton (walker), Isaiah Stewart (piston), Daniel sudick – bei (piston), la si – processes tiles (Toronto), deiss mond – bain (bear), jaden – hardy (G) worthy team (James worthy) :Jaylen Green (Rockets), Jaylen Sags (Magic), Josh Giddy (Thunder), Herbert Jones (Pelicans), Cole Anthony (Magic), Tyres Maxie (76ers), Marjon Beauchamp (G League) (