Driven by technological innovation, China Mobile Yunnan establishes the foundation of railway communication network

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In recent years, the rapid development of mobile communication technology has improved the happiness of urban residents. Using mobile phones for mobile office and social entertainment at any time and anywhere has also become an embodiment of this happiness.China Mobile Yunnan Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as yunnan Mobile), as the main force in the construction of “digital Yunnan” and the promotion of intelligent digitalization, undertakes the important responsibility of communication network construction. Driven by technological innovation, Yunnan Mobile holds up the high-quality development blueprint of yunnan province’s communication network through quality upgrading of various technologies.Moreover, Yunnan Mobile also serves as a communication network builder along the railway, escorting passengers to enjoy a good communication experience when traveling.The rugged, undulating and complex terrain in Yunnan province has added many difficulties to the network infrastructure construction along the railway.It is understood that the 11 railways that have been opened at present all have different degrees of difficulty in “crossing mountains and Bridges”.Yunnan mobile network engineer Zhou Xi is testing the network.”It is not a simple thing to do a good job of bridge network signal coverage”.Zhou Xi, a staff member of Yunnan Mobile Network Optimization Center, said that the bridge scene is characterized by a relatively empty communication environment on the bridge deck, and it is difficult to select the station site due to the lack of equipment suspension points on the bridge, resulting in limited engineering conditions.”We usually plan the base stations at both ends of the bridge with directional coverage of the base stations at the bridge heads.For the bridge with large span, the remote ground base station will be deployed in the weak coverage area in the middle of the bridge according to the bridge construction scheme to obtain stable signal coverage.For example, on the 3,487-meter-long Oliba Bridge of China-Laos Railway, we have built seven remote ground base stations, which can well meet the network needs of passengers on the way of trains.”The construction of communication network infrastructure in the tunnel is also not easy.”In a tunnel, communication signals are easily affected by mountain block or tunnel structure shielding, forming a network signal blind area.In order to solve the signal coverage problem, we usually use ordinary or special scenario antennas at the tunnel mouth.For the long distance tunnel, the leakage cable or the distribution of antennas will be used to solve the problem.At the same time, according to the actual situation of the tunnel, we will adopt the self-innovative ‘tunnel double leakage cable + platform antenna’ coverage scheme in the tunnel and the entrance and exit area.””In this way, smooth signal switching and stable coverage can be achieved inside and outside the tunnel to maximize passengers’ smooth experience of calling and surfing the Internet and improve their perception of use,” Zhou said.In addition, “high speed frequency offset correction algorithm” and “super cell” are also commonly used to solve the problem of stable network coverage.The coverage scheme of “wall-attached Yagu antenna + field flat antenna” adopted for the first time in Mengma No. 1 tunnel of Dalin Railway has the characteristics of low construction difficulty, effective shortening of construction period, and satisfying the safety requirements of train operation of railway bureau. It has become a “model” for the low-cost and high-quality construction of the subsequent railway communication private network.Among many private network construction projects along the railway, huang Fu, a staff member of Yunnan Mobile Engineering Construction Center, was most impressed by the construction of dalin railway communication private network.”The construction of communication coverage infrastructure for the railway was started after the railway was put into operation.Since most of the railway is used for transportation, we can only apply for the skylight period (generally between 0 am and 4 am) for construction.”Huang fu said, “Although there is a big time limit, we have introduced mechanized means such as railway construction locomotives and the laying of communication leakage cables and optical cables in the construction of the infrastructure of the private communications network.The construction efficiency of the whole project is high, which can effectively shorten the construction period, quickly realize the coverage of mobile communication network private network, and provide fast and smooth communication experience for passengers of dalin railway.””We have been working tirelessly to make our travel experience more enjoyable through new technologies.”Zhou xi said that Yunnan Mobile keeps up with the development of The Times and actively promotes the construction and optimization of the railway network through independent innovation and the introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad.According to the network usage habits of different users, the network of different scenarios such as high-speed railway platform, station hall and tunnel is constantly optimized, so that the network is not limited to “signal”, but also enables passengers to have a better experience perception.(Source: Kunming Information Port)