Three winners and two runners-up!Nets championship level of talent, or destroyed in two rat droppings

2022-05-31 0 By

Without Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, the Nets beat the Sacramento Kings 109-85 at home, limiting an opponent to less than 100 points for the first time in 32 games. Newcomers Stephen Curry and Draymond both had big performances, especially Curry, who finished with 23 points, seven rebounds and five assists.The talent gave fans instant hope, but it could be ruined by two more rats.Many fans think trading harden, the nets wouldn’t work, but in fact, the nets even without harden, now the nets lineup is still the top, they are having three top two second player, Owen, simmons and griffin, second durant and adebayor, although lose harden, but they have more space, there’s a better defense resources,Beating the Kings is proof that it’s true to win games on defense.Nash could be the ultimate rapper of Simmons + Durant + Irving + Curry + Mills in the future, all of whom can play fast, especially Irving and Simmons.Both are masters of counterattack.It’s fair to say that the Harden trade didn’t actually make the Nets weaker. Their roster is so talented and well-matched that they’re still championship-caliber.But a lot of things don’t fit. Harden was a perfect fit with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, going 13-3 in 16 games together and eventually splitting up.The reason for this is that on a personal level, Kyrie irving will not be able to play at home because he will not be able to get a shot, and he will only be able to play nine of the remaining 25 regular-season games and one of the next seven.Simmons’ problem isn’t shooting, it’s mental. He’s afraid to shoot, and that’s the worst part.What is more important is Nash, gave him three full grade, he actually did not bring the Nets up, this lineup, with Popovich, Kerr and other coaches, the Nets would have taken off, even without Irving, Harden and Durant is a double MVP combination, the result was directly used by Nash.He is the epitome of a tiresome army.So the Nets are likely to be ruined this season by irving and Nash. In fact, if Irving was normal, Harden wouldn’t have left, and the big three wouldn’t be at odds.Do you think a fully healthy Nets could beat the Sixers with Harden?