Attention to the six water co-governance of Hainan province ecological environmental protection work conference held this year will be good pollution prevention and control battle

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New Hainan client, South China Sea network, Southern Metropolis daily news on February 8 (reporter Tan Qi) February 8, Hainan province ecological environmental protection work conference held.Reporters learned from the conference that this year, Hainan will deepen the battle against pollution, focusing on the “six water treatment” and the battle to protect the blue sky, and protect the bottom line of “better, not worse” ecological and environmental quality.Hainan province ecological and environmental protection work conference held.Hainan will continue to fight agricultural and rural pollution control battle, baoting, Ledong, Wuzhishan and other six cities and counties to do in-depth and solid pilot rural sewage treatment construction, management and use of the full chain of work mechanism.In the “six water treatment” campaign, we should focus on “sewage treatment” and “seawater improvement”, carry out special environmental protection actions for black and smelly water bodies in cities, organize the investigation and rectification of sewage outlets entering rivers and entering the sea, and strengthen the standardized construction of centralized drinking water sources.We will promote comprehensive improvement of heavily polluted surface water bodies, and promote the implementation of key water pollution control projects such as zhuxi river and Luodai River.We will further implement the bay chief system, and comprehensively improve key sea areas.Blue sky protection is also one of the key work of pollution prevention and control.This year, Hainan will carry out winter and spring air pollution prevention and control, carry out comprehensive regulation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) key industries, build lingshui air pollution prevention and control model, carry out yangpu ship air pollution emission impact assessment, study pollution control measures.In terms of air pollution prevention and control, Hainan will do a good job in the construction site, automobile exhaust, road dust “three aspects” and fireworks, betel nut smoke, straw waste open burning “three points” of air pollution prevention and control.Hainan will strive to become the top student of “dual carbon” work. It plans to establish and improve the statistical accounting, monitoring and forecasting system of carbon emissions, and actively build the first provincial smart management platform to cope with climate change.We will promote the development of near-zero carbon emission demonstration zones in Haikou Jiangdong New Area, Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone and Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City, and encourage qiongzhong and Baicha to explore the development of carbon-neutral demonstration zones.In facilitating the construction and development of Hainan Free Trade Port, Hainan will strengthen the deep integration of “Three lines and one single order” with the provincial platform for planning and generation of engineering construction projects, boost the construction of projects on the ground, and explore and carry out eco-environment-oriented development mode (EOD) pilot projects in Ding ‘an and Baoting.In particular, with regard to banning plastic products, we need to carry out in-depth whole-chain governance, improve the comprehensive control mechanism in the distribution sector, especially the import source, and actively promote the research and development of advanced materials that degrade the Marine environment.