Dalian funeral service, why can’t just touch the body?

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The death of a loved one is a great grief to the living.But tears don’t solve anything, and it takes a long time to prepare for the dead.China’s funeral industry has been inherited so far that there are many rules for white people, which is normal for laymen not to understand.One of them is that people should not touch the body after death. As for why, xiaobian will explain to you in detail.When a person passes away, his or her funeral clothes should be put on as soon as possible, and his or her remains sorted out by an encoffer and placed in a paper coffin.You can’t touch it after that.There are four reasons: First, to prevent the body from collapsing and deforming.When you die, your body stiffens, loses moisture in places, and becomes deformed by force.Especially the face, cheek sunken binocular protrusion, need to repair the beauty division.After the external touch will let the deceased body damaged, not only not beautiful but also scared others.Second, respect the dead.In China, the dead are the greatest.After death, avoid touching the deceased except for children, grandchildren and funeral directors.It’s also a sign of respect for the dead.Third, prevent the spread of the virus.In ancient times, due to the underdeveloped medical science, many people would die of severe diseases caused by infectious bacteria, so people reached a consensus that they should not touch the dead to protect their own safety.In modern times, morticians also wear white gloves when touching the deceased, which they then destroy after use, to show respect for the deceased and to be responsible for their own safety.Fourth, superstition that the dead are connected to the underworld.This is a superstition, the body is more Yin qi, Yang insufficient touch will be infected with evil, in their own harm.So generally young children and pregnant women are not supposed to contact the deceased.Death is still a mysterious and taboo topic for us.We imagine a lot of plausible scenarios for the world of the dead, but in the final analysis, they all come from people’s fear of death and clinging to their dead loved ones.However, everyone will eventually come to the end of life, in any case, to look at the normal heart, cherish all around you, will make your life has richer meaning, not waste this life.