What a tragedy for Harden, both trades fell through because of a role player!This is a superstar?

2022-06-01 0 By

The NBA trade deadline for the 2021-22 season is drawing closer, and trade rumors about some of the NBA’s biggest stars are likely to get the most attention right now.Due to pay the principle of reciprocity, want to help make the deal, simmons single in harden is impossible, and the nets is not allow such a situation, after all, he had also spent a large amount of money to get harden, it can’t be that easy to sell out, so the nets also want more chips.Today, there are reports that a trade deal between the Nets and the 76ers is in the works, although there are also reports that the 76ers are not in talks with the Nets, but there is no smoke without fire, and there is always a reason for such rumors.But the first round of trade talks was vetoed by the 76ers, who were unwilling to part with Masic.It’s a bit surprising. Isn’t a Masik worse than Hadenshaun?In fact, if we were to relate his value to Simmons’ value, then the 76ers could really lose money if a trade is made.Ma was nabbed is 21st in the first round draft was born in 2020, over the course of the season, as the 76 ers in the 47 matches, including 46 games is starting, can contribute 16.9 points and 3.6 rebounds, 4.8 assists, the most main is his annual salary is only $2.73 million this season, is also very young, this price is too high, if the data renewal,At least $20 million or more.Add in the price of Simmons, and the 76ers are losing money, and the Nets are asking for more than one player.But trade Masic for Seth Curry and the Sixers should consider making a deal, even though the numbers are similar, and Seth Curry isn’t that young and is almost at his limit right now, and it’s worth a fight to get a superstar like Harden.This thing, however, we feel there is a similar situation, that is harden once when the rockets, with news that the rockets and the heat will harden as the main body of the transactions, the negotiations, then the rockets management want Taylor herodias Tim Duncan and Robinson, but eventually the heat didn’t agree with, for the two players, the heat as the foundation for the future,Herodias, in particular, the rockets insist on Mr Hiro, finally lead to the deal didn’t happen, but the heat eastern currently ranked first, and hiro’s averaging can contribute 20 points and 4.0 assists and 4.8 rebounds data, for the Miami lineup, Mr Hiro good the best sixth man role, let the heat squad more balance.And relative to the nets now, the heat made a decision, or very right.Of course, neither player can compete with Harden in terms of strength or business, at least not right now, but why would either team give up a superstar for a new star?Isn’t Harden a superstar?I personally think Harden is still a superstar, but basketball is not an individual sport, he needs a team to play well, but they don’t want to trade the future for the present.What do you think?