“Xinzhou melon king” Hou Xueguang realized his childhood dream of baking a stove to eat cantaloupe

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This article transfers from: Xinzhou Daily Spring Festival eve, the reporter came to be located in Xinfu district nine original street street office (original solution of the original township) Turling bridge village “Xinzhou melon king” Hou Xueguang canmelons greenhouses.Once in the greenhouse, Hou xueguang excitedly showed reporters his cantaloupe.After years of trial and error, now you can eat high-quality cantaloupe in winter.My childhood dream of having a mouthful of crispy and fragrant cantaloupe on the stove has come true.Hou Xueguang was born in the 1980s and lived in Hebei and Taiyuan when he was young.In 2001, he returned to xinzhou hometown, began in the south of the village that acres of irrigated land planted sugarcane, but for two consecutive years he failed.Although the planting of sugarcane failed, but the interplanting of cantaloupe has let him see the dawn, the shed planted cantaloupe harvest, a market was robbed.In the twinkling of an eye, in 2004, Xinfu District to hold melon King competition, Hou Xueguang’s melon in more than 50 units came to the fore, won the special prize.Since then, Hou xueguang embarked on the road to grow greenhouse fruits and vegetables to become rich.In recent years, Hou has come up with another bold idea, exploring the possibility of planting cantaloupes in greenhouses after autumn and winter, so that locals can still enjoy the crisp, tender and delicious cantaloupes during the winter months when they bake their stoves.The idea became a reality in the 12th month of 2021, not only realizing his childhood dream, but also offering a “congratulatory gift” for people in the provincial capital and surrounding areas.This original technology has filled the gaps in xinzhou cantaloupe planting.With the establishment of photon Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park, his plantation was determined as the national cantaloupe standardized cultivation technology demonstration and promotion base.In recent years, According to local conditions, Hou has carried out trial planting, demonstration and promotion of new varieties of melon, strawberry, ginger, grape, sweet potato and potato, which has become a demonstration example of scientific and innovative farming for surrounding farmers.Counsel is in the multitude, but judgment in solitude.Hou xueguang gradually realized that professional farmers should not only be good at farming, but also know management and management.So, he cultivated fruit and vegetable seedlings in the grape shed, planted fruits and vegetables out of season.His demonstration park has also become xinzhou modern agriculture demonstration base, new varieties and new technology demonstration base, agricultural tourism and sightseeing base.(Our reporter Zhang Jianguo)