315 investigation | “aphrodisiac health care products” illegal addition of prescription drugs, was investigated by mianyang police

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168 yuan a box of health care products, claimed to have strong Yang, kidney, liver detoxification and other health wonders.In fact, it was a questionable health supplement that had been illegally added to the prescription drug tadanafil.On the eve of March 15, mianyang Public Security Bureau in Sichuan province, mianyang police, after months of investigation, successfully detected a production and sale of toxic and harmful food case.At present, a total of 26 criminal suspects have been arrested, 4 black dens of production, 6 production lines, 6 warehouses and 12 sales dens have been destroyed, and more than 149,000 boxes of oyster peptide tablet candy containing the drug ingredient “Tadafil” (used to treat male sexual dysfunction, Erectile dysfunction, ED) have been seized.The case involved a total of 320 million yuan.At present, the case is still under further investigation.On July 25, 2021, the Public Security Bureau of Mianyang city received an important clue handed over by the market supervision and administration department: a group of people held a “Family Harmony and Wealth Forum” in a business hotel in The Xianyang Sea Breeze Scenic area to promote “Jinge Oyster peptide” health food.Just as the gang was bragging about the miraculous effects of the product, they were caught by law enforcement officers on the spot.After repeated tests by the relevant departments, the tablet candy product actually contains the drug “tadanafil”, which is banned in food by the state.Mianyang City public security Bureau develops in-depth investigation quickly according to the clue, a crime chain involving many places in the country gradually emerged.During the investigation, a man surnamed Huang, who was born in July 1984, came into the sight of the police.In January 2019, Huang registered Beimyutang Biotechnology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Beimyutang) in another province in the name of his father and acted as the executive chairman.He organized his staff to develop the sales model of agency in Sichuan, Guizhou and other places for many times to promote and promote his company’s “Jinge Oyster peptide” product containing “tadanafil”, claiming that this product has the magic effect of nourishing Yang, strengthening kidney, strengthening liver and detoxifying, and enticing the masses, especially middle-aged and old people, to buy it at the price of 168 yuan per box.Tadanafil is a prescription drug that has been banned from food because improper consumption can cause health risks.Huang mou and other people’s behavior is very likely to be suspected of crime, its in the process of accumulating wealth, “production, publicity, marketing” chain is very complete.Mianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau immediately set up a task force with the Municipal Bureau of Food and drug environmental investigation detachment and the Economic development District branch as the main force to carry out all-round three-dimensional investigation.For the case involved area widely, the characteristics of multiple chain of crime, amid synchronous sending multiple reconnaissance team, in sichuan, guangdong, guangxi, hainan, henan, hunan and other places to work, at times a hall company delivery in provincial rented warehouse, the scene seized a large number of unsold “oyster peptide” tabletting candy food, inventory data and sales data to be obtained in time,Fixed the evidence of the crime.Task force police in the work, also obtained for Huang to provide products on ma, as well as Wei Hao, Wei collar brothers and other important information.The amount involved is as high as 320 million for the whole chain to beat off the black industry chain, the police to handle the case found huang’s last ma, Wei Hao, Wei Led hidden in two black spots in the province, seized a large number of sales to Huang “oyster peptide” pressure candy food, detained production machinery and equipment 10.At the scene, the task force police on the machinery and equipment residue immediately extract samples for inspection, found that the samples contain “Tadanafil”.After investigation, the task force has mastered the basic criminal facts of the production and sale of toxic and harmful food by the criminal suspects.August 2021 to September, mianyang city public security bureau organization more than 100 police, is divided into nine capture group, more than in the country with the cooperation of the public security organs, conducted arrests across the region, from the production source, counterfeiting packaging, terminal sales, and other levels to carry out the “whole chain, all links, all elements, the whole network, every captured the criminal suspect 26 people,Seized a large number of “Jinge oyster peptide” products containing “tadanafil” components, production equipment and funds involved.Interrogation by the public security authority, since January 2019, the criminal suspect huang using times a hall company, registered with the shareholders of a company and financial personnel Tian Mou et al, in knowing that the other party has not obtained the food production license qualifications, entrust the last ma for their company in the production of “tadalafil” ingredients “jin pavilion oyster peptide” tabletting candy.Ma then contacted the young man Wei Mou Hao, Wei mou collar brothers in the black processing factory, will “tadalafei” added to the oyster peptide candy products, according to the price of each candy 1.7-2.5 yuan, to express transportation sales to their own.Ma faked the food production qualification of a technology Co., Ltd. on the printed packaging box, and faked the portrait of a star, and then sold the candy to Huang’s Beimou Tang company at the price of 3.5 yuan per candy.In the name of a trading company registered by his wife, Huang applied for registration of a public account on wechat to set up beimutang online mall, selling “Jinge Oyster Peptide” products at 168 yuan per box (four crushed candies) and making a huge profit.In order to expand sales, they also formulated the “wechat business” pyramid model, development of four levels of agents, pay 2980 yuan for area, pay 19800 yuan for city, pay $60000 for the provincial generation, pay 300000 yuan can be total generation, different levels agents can continue to develop customer sales, and to enjoy discount cash dividends and products,A sales black net quickly spread out in many places throughout the country.Huang mou, Ma, Wei Hao and other people collusion, the formation of “production, publicity, marketing” toxic and harmful food complete chain crazy money, involving up to 320 million yuan.The elderly is easy replacement group according to huang, were “toxic” candy production comes out, take the MLM model in the process of sales, online and offline conduct illegal activities, off-line mainly by renting hotel meeting space around the organization will promote, is for gullible “brainwashing” middle-aged and old staff group, constantly promote products “magical effect”,Entice them to buy.According to gu Fangxi, the person in charge of the task force, “Tadalafei” is a prescription drug, mainly for the treatment of male sexual dysfunction, for male specific groups, there are many taboos in the use, is the state explicitly forbidden to add chemical ingredients in food.According to the food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court and Supreme People’s Procuratorate on several Issues concerning the Application of Law in Handling Criminal Cases of Endangering food Safety, food with “tadanafil” added is identified as toxic and harmful food.Huang and others in the interests of desperate risk, production, sales containing “tadanafil” ingredients of food, these acts in violation of the “food Safety Law”, but also suspected of violating China’s “criminal law”.Gufang Xi said, the consumption of food containing “he Dalafie” ingredients not only up to Johnson Johnson health effect, but prone to headache, itching, dizziness, foot pain and other adverse symptoms, harm to health.The broad masses encounter this so-called magical function of suspicious food, health care products, can take the initiative to the law enforcement agencies to report, eradicate these toxic and harmful food, common protection of the safety of the tip of the tongue.At present, Huang mou, Tian mou, Ma mou, Wei mou ling, Wei Hao and other people, because of suspected production, sales of toxic and harmful food crime, approved by the procuratorial organ has been arrested, the case is being further investigated.Source: 12309 China Procuratorial Website