Assist the whole house custom program, Lin wood industry to promote the rapid development of custom industry

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Bridal chamber decoration is a task that makes a person bother to take care of laborious, because this numerous brands rolled out whole house to make to order complete outfit service.Compared with the traditional concept of “do it yourself, do it yourself” in the past, today’s young people are obviously more inclined to choose “whole house customization”, and they have their own standards for the selection of whole house customization brands.The rapid development of the whole house customization industry has promoted the development of the head furniture enterprises from finished products to customization and then to the integration of formats. Lin wood is one of the brands that has achieved good results in this trend of change.At present, most full-house customization enterprises present a phenomenon of high pricing, and some small and micro enterprises have price advantages, but the product quality can not be guaranteed.Therefore, for some young consumers, it is impossible to meet their demand for whole-house customization in pursuit of the ultimate cost performance.What are the advantages of Lin’s wood industry in the development of integrated formats?Compared with the traditional whole house customization mode, Lin wood uses its Internet gene and thinking to the extreme.On the basis of the focus on the young consumer groups, lam wood industry based on the industry spot deep insight, and user needs to upgrade the whole house custom products iteration, tailored for the user the whole house custom bag package “” 26800 yuan, with price, selection, diversity and collocation autonomy and other characteristics, has attracted many young people in the pursuit of price and quality.On the basis of cost reduction benefits brought by scale growth and production efficiency improvement, Lin’s wood industry takes the initiative to give all cost reduction benefits to dealers and consumers, greatly reducing the consumption threshold of customized home furnishing, so that every young consumer can afford to consume.In order to meet the diversity of consumers’ choices and the autonomy of collocation, Lin’s wood industry proposed the “full category, free construction” in view of the single combination of customized packages in the current market, that is, to provide users with a variety of options such as customized 20m² and 10-piece sets of whole house furniture in ten cabinet categories, so as to fit the preferences of consumers and meet the needs of users.In addition, Lin’s wood industry also fully upgraded to aldehyde free environmental protection boards, secondary bedroom curtains, etc., and strive to do a perfect house customization in everyone’s mind.At present, whole-house customization has become a mainstream trend, and consumers’ requirements for whole-house customization brands are also constantly improving.Lin wood has been cultivating the home furnishing industry for 15 years and has impressed customers with its excellent design and quality.Over the years, Lin wood has taken practical actions to provide consumers with better quality, more accurate and more comprehensive services, and its customized fusion shop provides effective reference experience for the improvement of industry service level.It is believed that in the future, Lin wood will continue to launch a cost-effective whole house customization, continue to meet the personalized consumer needs, continue to bring users a high-quality lifestyle, for its appearance to create a more quality home life service.