Star chasing success!Xinchengzijie No.1 Primary School participated in the Liaoning rice field Ice and snow Games and danced with the world champion

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On January 25, the opening ceremony of the “Three North” Rice field Ice and snow Games (Liaoning station) was held in Daomeng Town, Shanjia Village, Xinglongtai, Shenyang New Area.The games aim to promote ice and snow sports in rural areas, help “drive 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports”, and create a rich and warm social atmosphere for the Beijing Winter Olympics.Members of the speed skating team and ice hockey team of Xinchengzijie No. 1 Primary School and athletes of liaoning Short track speed skating team led by liang Wenhao, the world champion of short track speed skating, held a skating exhibition together, communicated with professional athletes and taught skating skills.”Three North” namely northeast, north and northwest, liaoning station is the first stop of “three North” rice field ice and snow Games competition activities.Liaoning station activities are sponsored by the Winter Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, and undertaken by Liaoning Provincial Sports Bureau, Shenyang Municipal Sports Bureau and Shenyang Shenyang New District People’s Government.The Rice Field Ice and Snow Games (Liaoning Station) was held on the ice and snow field in Daomeng Town, Danjia Village, with the theme of “Ice and snow sports into the countryside”, “Winter Olympics” and “Spring Festival”, including the opening ceremony and the games.Project Settings include: “single leg donkey” racing, ice Ga time trial, family parent-child too, Gao Shanxue circle, hit skid son, xibe wrestling, archery, xibe snow snow snow country two-way tug-of-war projects, such as integrating rural folk customs in, snow sports and xibe ethnic characteristics in a body, the highlight of ice and snow sports in liaoning province regional characteristic.The athletes are native villagers who love ice and snow sports.Vice Governor Wang Mingyu, deputy secretary-general of provincial government Tong Zhao, director of provincial Sports Bureau Song Kai, deputy Director Zhou Tiemin, Director of Shenyang Sports Bureau Liu Kebin, Secretary of Shenyang Beixin District Party Committee Wen Ran and other leaders attended the ceremony.