The breeze night is not young, dreamland nowhere not to think, frogs sound a thousand flavor long

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Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian Sinology art laughter Yang, rhyme flow long, dreamland beautiful breeze into my window.Wild goose word back, bleak chrysanthemum open, dream home mountain far, when the moon according to me.The breeze night is not young, dreamland nowhere not to think, frogs sound a thousand flavor long.Autumn sound at first urge a person old, the first to provoke hate long, drunk in the dream of the moon as xiaoxiang.Dream a thousand miles away, the moon breeze together this night, sigh life treasure tears like tide.According to the ancient tai, thousands of miles away from the dream, do not understand the sorrow, long make the hero full of tears.Mountain vast long water outside, wild goose sound intermittent sunset, dreamland is not ruthless, the moon breeze with two places.Drizzle silent clear water reflecting hongxia, dream still remember the breeze is my home.Look at the water clouds, when the moon long day without wild goose word, autumn sound night full guan Shan.Journey is long, full of laughter, dream is when according to my bed.Today, the moon as homecoming, long thinking home qianshan, Du Yu voice tears full jin.Long day wanli round of qing, silent alone, looking at the dream moon to the border city.To xiaoxiang, the moon breeze, jiangnan spring good, partridge sound outside liu Silyang.Blue sky baiyun edge, dawn at the beginning of ten thousand miles of smoke, dawn round to yumen Pass.I want to ride the wind red sunrise east gate, Xiaguang Shushi blue sky wanli spring.Invasion clothing heavy, heartbroken, the dawn of the blue sea to soar.Sunshine reflects the sun, the sky is long, to sail the boat is full of ting Fang.Blue sea as clear as wash, early dawn open a red like fire, to xiacai dyed forest.Spring on the willow, the east wind is not a few jiao, suddenly shushu sky as MY bones.Dawn dawn as the building, breeze stroke face what to ask, the window dawns wake people, blue sea blue sky as I swim.Snow in the future, blue sky wanli white clouds cut, worry about the swan goose, not when to fengtai xiao.Blue sky and blue sea two friends, dawn on the beginning of the month, dawn to see red like fire, the setting sun to fall over the river chi.Rain to pour, dawn to see residual red marks, dawn where to find poetry.Cock sing east gentleman fell asleep, morning push window blue sea glow.At the beginning of the sun shadow micro, blue sky blue sea cares for the swan goose, not when to take me back.Blue sea two vacant, the beginning of a line lead, do not know when miss send chan.To look at the high-rise jiuzhou, xiaofeng remnants of the moon when to rest, boundless dawn sky as I swim.Embellish mountains and rivers, green to burn, the early dawn of the blue sea white clouds.A shushu dongshan, qingtian sea of clouds, to ask chang ‘e red sunshine huanhuan.Baiyun floating, the beginning of ten thousand li qiu, dawn round red like fire, jinguang to shoot river flow.Spring breeze desire degree rising Wanli Mountain, ziqi east to north to send zhengfan.Blue sky blue sea baiyun fly, Dongsheng Shushi micro, xiao see mountains to fall do not think.Dawn xia Ming, long wind wanli, dawn and see a round of red.Night decayed, dew is not dry, dawn to see the east falling clouds end.A few times mistaken Kirin Pavilion, where to find parrot chau, Feng to Taiwan empty smoke tree lock jiang Lou.According to the court tree, have no intention to perch parasol, parrot can acacia bitter, kirin does not understand lonely thick.Do not parrot fu, through the ages empty left Kirin Pavilion, spring breeze trees blow off human music.Parrot Island first think Han Fu, Kylin Pavilion recall tang poetry, spring breeze and green Jiangnan trees, Feng Zhu Longxiang is at this time.Phoenix fall wutong old, don’t go to the cicada Ming chau head empty look, klinge aside.Lead young warbler, a tree peach blossom reflected red, learn tongue song endless, kirin wings dance in the sky.New cicadas have tired singing tall trees, old feng still love old branches, parrot chau head empty stand, Kunicorn pavilion waste poems.Before the building parrot crowed spring rain, temple qilin weeping xiaofeng, a pear tree body in the phoenix pool.Die in a hurry, sword shadow knife light empty hate, hero phoenix for the phoenix.Recall the Emperor of Qin, useless guomun heartbroken, Longquan empty sword, daughter horse bone as home.Early spring, spread wings dance universe, ever fear, horse riding xiangyun Wanliben.Brandish sword heart is still strong, raise whip zhi more firm, a song for the phoenix lucky to report peace.Life is not as good as the sword-pendant sz z, looking at China.Beg phoenix to sing and late, three fu reported bosom friend, qin heart sword gallbladder xiangyun is the time.Jinfeng in front of the door, beg huang stage jade xiao, green feng three feet demon horse not back.Not self – restraint, let it, beg the bird a song to wake up the world.Wanli wind, gas such as rainbow, report the country how to fear the phoenix singing datong.Recall old swim, no door hate hard to rest, three feet longquan box sword, sworn not to accept.No door tears full towel, ask the bird a song move universe, green front three feet wrapped in where to find.One from the dead also, knife light blood did not dry, no door bath nirvana.Phoenix stage recall at that time, in order to report the spring breeze first branch, jianchuxin under the horse hoofs late.Spring news, the end of the world cloud phoenix for the phoenix, sword bravery now where, horseback poetry into the night.Frost sword wind knife years invasion, horse travel thousands of miles to seek bosom friend, beg a song of huang jing heaven and earth, three vivid ancient and modern country.Chariots and horses hustle book sword two ecstasy, life has not reported to the phoenix dream people.A song to move the universe, loyal to the country sing jing Sun and moon, lift whip longitudinal Horse zhen Kunlun.No door a light, bath fire nirvana, ten years of hone wrapped body also peace.Jifeng go, the horse hoofs on the original empty, beg the bird a song no one and, with the peach blossom lonely red.Return to his hometown, sword shadow setting sun, what fear the country elegy phoenix beg phoenix.Welcome guests to the south to ziyan spring return, pass outside the Great Wall solid, Wanli Jiangshan Ren Ma Fei.You return home, for the phoenix heart fu Yao qin, ten years of honed Pingchuan green qi sound.Jianchuqin heart tiema journey, phoenix rise again.Gas guan Hong, bloody wind, loyal to the country for the phoenix sing datong.The evening rain rises autumn pool, the morning wind blows willow branches, last night dream fang Xiao is acacia.Dawn sunshine building, cinnamon at the beginning of the morning wind blowing dream wake up, rain wash dust today.Bright lights shine on the eyes, the east about dawn has night, the morning wind stroke the window dream is not.Morning wind stroke face meaning hazy, evening rain knock window fall into a dream, dawn to see the front of the court green, pear flower at the beginning of the mountain red.When will rest, last night the morning wind into the building, fang know spring dream short, xiao came to see fallen flower sorrow.At the beginning of the lantern unknown, Oriental desire to dawn on late, the morning wind stroke face cool and refreshing, twilight rain knocking on the window lonely poetry.When will the rain end? Yesterday’s morning wind meets again today. Where the rooster crows at the beginning of the Lantern Festival.The river has not scattered fishing boat, the morning wind wrinkles wet wanli autumn.Dusk rain wash mountain green, Chu morning wind lanterns to welcome distant visitors, light song all the way to xiao line.Send shuang bird huan Ming, knock on the window dream is not, dawn to see the horizon fog sanlu first clear.Dawn to clear dew wet hibiscus, early moon such as hook hanging blue sky, last night morning wind twilight rain and hazy.Hate between the eyebrows, the bottom of my heart sorrow, who know the world of mortals dream tears flow.Dawn sunrise sunrise all things zi, tender green just in time, the morning wind stroke on the window dream wake up late.Willow smoke, knock on the window people not asleep, not when to return home, the first meeting is already a hundred flowers.Twilight rain xiaoxiang stroke face meaning such as, the first smell of Du Yu shanhua brilliant shu.Deep buddhist temple, wreathe Buddha heart empty, Linghan proud snow world know-it-all.People wandering alone, proud snow plum blossom, looking at the moon zen sound in the ear.Broad clouds, long years, static look at the world of mortals proud snow spit fragrance.Heart chi meditation bell ring, dream wake up climb wild goose word empty, mo Ling quiet since calm.Plum blossom qiao, deeper moonlight Ming, lonely empty court people do not sleep, zen heart a poem.Temple ancient no zen, but see the forest empty birdsong, ling top square feel static see water cloud light.Chase deer central Plains ling overlord, sink a boat the sea quiet dust, the hero of the end of empty regret, ancient zen song to today.Silent night no language, but see Ling Han Gu Fang empty lonely, zen heart to wait for you.Ling extremely, wanlai silent quiet world of dust, empty mountain traces less, zen sound a wisp of pure heart.– Zheng Huixian # 100 # 100 List #