Welsh Open: Xiao Guodong, Zhou Yuelong regrettably out, young players worthy of praise, Ding will be the first match

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(Beijing time) on 19 February 21, international tsu welsh open will usher in a war of suction eye focus, the Chinese star ding junhui in the Derby war, rival, is far below their teenager golds, committed, ding junhui wins, and geometry is small Tong and all the fans attention, after all, the new season ding junhui is declining, so far,Special single season ranking 76 and world ranking 31, falling endlessly, endless, make people surprised, and early very concerned about its growth of the rocket O ‘Sullivan, in the face of six consecutive defeat in their own Ding, is from silence, disappointed, too lazy to speak.Both Chinese snooker, have to mention, so ding junhui will rebound won the champions league, 15 all let everybody feel dolorous and into the heart, small Tong hope this late stage of ding junhui, represent the powerful and unconstrained style, flowing freely, and the style, with a comfortable win comfort everyone was pepper-sprayed hurt heart carefully.The Welsh Open started on February 15th, among the 10 Chinese players who have appeared, 4 advanced to the tournament, respectively, Lu Ning 4:2 Li – Walker, Yuan Sijun 4:0 Patrick, Si Jia Hui 4:3 Niger-Bond, Cao Yupeng 4:3 Fan Zhengyi;Lu haotian 3:4 Hamilton, lei peifan 2:4 carter, chang bingyu 2:4 Ryan day, zhou yuelong 3:4 jamie Jones, fan zhengyi 3:4 cao yupeng, xiao guodong 0:4 Michael white.Candidate 10 people in China, including the Derby, four people qualify, more than half of the six people out, hardly satisfied, happily, in the promotion of the players, the two young Yuan Sijun, jia hui performed well, well, special jia hui, which won the tournament five times and 1 ranking title veteran nigel – bond, meaning is bigger, the game in the rival 3:In the first round of the Turkish Masters, he did not give up, but finally lost three cities in a row and came from behind 4:3 to win.2 won Dominic Dale to advance to the tournament, and two consecutive qualifying rounds. Tong believes that Sijiahui’s growth is just around the corner and she is expected to stand out and bring a little surprise to Snooker in China.Guo-dong xiao he has players out, star is a pity, because failure to arrive at the stadium, according to the regulations fined two innings, but coasting, god fan, and I was even opponents under zero seal out two innings, so outs, reluctant, embarrassed, estimated that after the game to write the lower case butyl, director of the arrangement, however, the next game and balance in the building,Can single-mindedly do a good job of live commentary, field loss, off-site, after all, fish and bear can not have both.Zhou Yuelong, known as The Ding Junhui of Sichuan, was knocked out in the first match and had a big accident. In this match against Jamie Jones, Zhou should have won by virtue of the strength of the two players, but it was not expected. Although zhou scored 117 and 3 in the fifth round of the match,2 first to get match point, then the next two sets, but very different two people, even more than the loss and out, it is negative sichuan Ding Junhui reputation, so, Ding Junhui’s own performance is still so, fake Ding Junhui nature is not where to go.If Zhou Yuelong turn of history, its with LuNing, who last season the brocade match potential if all the way to break the bamboo, run to the semi-finals result two people weak, and the lip! You are star Robertson and groom, infuriating sigh, so, life as usual, e. package small intestine, admittedly, but little Tong still hope students jump a dragon, is defeated solicitors,Not to a success or failure hero, but every day out, often more than defeat, a victory is hard to find, after all, is not a thing.Small tong static waiting for Ding Junhui’s appearance, and hope to see a strong, carefree victory, otherwise raw ugly, victory is not military, how to talk about returning to the top 16 and early career 15 crown?Wait and see.