Winter Olympics volunteer Zhang Xiaobing: Let the world see the beauty of TCM

2022-06-02 0 By

On January 25, Beijing Business Daily learned from the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee that During the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, Zhang Xiaobing will work in the Traditional Chinese Medicine exhibition area of Beijing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Paralympic Village), responsible for guiding and explaining the visitors.”It is a glorious and arduous task for the volunteers to impress foreign visitors with the beauty of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine in a short time.”Zhang Xiaobing, a 2018 student of the School of Chinese Medicine of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and a volunteer of the Chinese Medicine Exhibition area in the medical service field of Beijing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Paralympic Village), said earnestly, “We have been constantly improving and simplifying the explanation words, and strive to show the beauty of Chinese medicine with the best effect.”Zhang described his experience as “tortuous” and “lucky”.”It was difficult because I almost didn’t get the job. I was not accepted in the first selection due to major limitations and other reasons.In the second audition, I made it through multiple screening tests, so I was lucky.”Zhang said.As a matter of fact, the TRADITIONAL Chinese Medicine Experience Pavilion is a special arrangement of this Winter Olympic Games, and it is the first time that traditional Chinese medicine culture has been exhibited in a world-class event.The volunteers of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Experience Hall of Beijing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Paralympic Village) and Yanqing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Paralympic Village) are both from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. The volunteer team of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Experience Hall of Beijing Winter Olympic Village consists of 5 students and 3 teachers. Zhang Xiaobing is the leader of the student volunteers.Zhang Xiaobing patiently explained to visitors, “Here is the world’s first ’10 seconds’ Chinese Medicine immersive experience hall, which integrates the history and culture of Chinese medicine with modern science and technology.There are five parts: taiji eight diagrams screen, Looking to know screen, meridian visual slide screen, man and nature experience screen and memorial blessing wall, which can be presented through the screen, so that visitors can quickly appreciate the history of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine in 10 seconds.In addition to general knowledge of the Winter Olympics and epidemic prevention and control, volunteers must have a deep understanding of the history, culture and basic theories of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, as well as strong professional English skills and on-the-spot adaptability to communicate and interact with foreign friends.”When it comes to the Chinese Medicine Experience Hall, Zhang Xiaobing talked about it as if he was explaining it at his post.In Zhang xiaobing’s opinion, the most difficult of all the training is Chinese Medicine English.”I have accepted the guidance of many experts and professors to explain the contents of the exhibition area. The bilingual manuscript is more than 30 pages long, word-for-word, such as Yin and Yang, Tai Chi, various acupoints, meridians and other special words of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine translation and explanation, which need to be memorized and mastered.”She said.At the end of November, Zhang participated in a pressure operation test in Beijing’s Winter Olympic Village (Paralympic Village).Over the course of two days, she gave a guided tour to more than 200 participants in the Chinese Medicine Experience Hall.Later, as one of the first volunteers in the Chinese Medicine exhibition area to participate in the running test, Zhang Xiaobing summed up her experience with the teacher and put forward suggestions for improving the presentation of the explanation content and the setting of the exhibition area to make it more perfect.Zhang Xiaobing (left) and his partner at any time to explain the content of the discussion has been officially on the post, Zhang Xiaobing heart of the sense of urgency is stronger.”If I can sum up my current mood in one sentence, I would like to borrow a banner I saw in the operation area of the Winter Olympics village in Beijing: ‘We can’t stop for a moment, we can’t miss a step, we can’t miss a day.'””For me, volunteering has already begun. I want to improve my knowledge and skills while serving.The TRADITIONAL Chinese Medicine exhibition area in Winter Olympics Village is a platform for us to spread traditional Chinese medicine culture and tell Chinese stories well. I hope that through our team’s efforts, more foreign friends can see the beauty of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine!”(Photo by Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee)