Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, is lucky to have a school with an investment of 300 million yuan. It covers an area of 78 mu and has 36 classes

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Education is the foundation of a century-old plan. This is an immutable truth, which also fully reflects the importance of education.For everyone, only by receiving higher education can we learn more knowledge, broaden our career and lay a solid foundation for our future foothold in the society.Just because of this, parents will pay more attention to their children’s education and try their best to help them choose a good school.Many districts are also planning to build new schools because of the shortage of educational resources, and have invested a lot of money in this area.Jiangsu province is an excellent province with strong educational strength, but the problem of shortage of degree resources is very prominent.To change this, more new schools need to be built.In response to this policy, The city of Yangzhou has been building new schools for years, and recently proposed a school worth 300 million yuan, shugang Junior High School.Shugang Junior High school is located in yangzhou Hanjiang District, east to Zhenzhou Road, west to planning branch one, south to Yiyang West Road, north to planning branch two.This area is one of the hanjiang District’s key development areas, the surrounding supporting facilities are constantly improving, and more and more new buildings, the demand for educational resources is great.The school is scheduled to begin construction on March 1, 2022, and to be completed on September 1, 2023., shu junior high school covers an area of 78 mu, building area of about 32000 square meters, the construction content is quite rich, has a teaching building, laboratory building, library, administrative offices, also have rain playground, hall and living room, of course, a variety of sports venues, can let the children here at ease study, happy movement.The layout of each area is also very reasonable, adopting the way of dynamic and static combination, which does not affect each other, but has an inseparable connection.A total of 300 million yuan was invested in the construction of Shugang Junior High School, which will open 36 teaching classes after completion, which is of great significance to the development of nine-year compulsory education in Yangzhou.In addition to alleviating the problem of degree shortage, it can also improve the phenomenon of large class size and over class size, and reduce the enrollment pressure of other schools.Moreover, the school can also optimize the layout of basic education resources in Yangzhou.The school will introduce more high-quality education resources and strengthen the construction of teachers, striving to become a first-class brand school in Yangzhou in a shorter period of time. Only in this way can local students have more choices and the development of the school get more powerful power.