Big blow to India’s plan!430bn military buildup to prepare for China, now “bad news” suddenly came

2022-06-03 0 By

India has long thought of itself as a great power.But India is still far from the “great power stage” in all respects except demography.According to foreign media news, in recent years, With lofty aspirations, India has continuously put forward economic and military development.In order to cope with China, India had previously taken “Chinese submarines entering the Indian Ocean” as a reason to “challenge” China with 430 billion rubles in military expansion, and planned to purchase six of the most advanced submarines in the world, to master the world’s top submarine technology, so that India’s submarine combat capability significantly improved.With a view to the future, India has also repeatedly stressed plans for “indigenous submarines” to counter the increasingly “aggressive” Chinese submarines.Unfortunately, India is so inefficient.In fact, the plan was approved more than 20 years ago, but until now, India has not finished blowing the bull. So far, only a quarter of the expected submarines have been built, but two thirds of the time has passed.Even sadder is the fact that the Defence Procurement Board’s approval of the special programme, codenamed P-75I, has been cast under a spell.Even before that, India had been optimistic that Germany, Russia, South Korea and Japan with their core technologies and corresponding capabilities were potential partners for India.But the “potential” partner does not give India much hope.Thyssenkrupp notified the Indian government in August last year that it had dropped its bid for “technical reasons”.Japan and South Korea are also believed to have abandoned the bid because they could not reach an agreement with India on issues such as “technology transfer”.But on February 14th Russia pulled out of the project for “technical reasons”, dealing a blow to India’s efforts to find a more reliable partner.It is hard to understand why countries have announced their withdrawal for “technical reasons”.When all countries have this power, why are they not interested in the olive branch offered by India?In response, sources said that it was because of India’s domineering terms and harsh attitude, which made countries back off.First, India stipulated in its tender documents that potential bidders must respond within four months or face disqualification.That’s a tough requirement because companies typically take longer to make decisions, usually more than 12 months, and it’s hard to make decisions in four months.If that is acceptable, then India’s overbearing terms and attitude are what really drove bidders away.It is pointed out that India requires foreign companies that win the bidding to cooperate with Local companies to build submarines in a local way, but it has made it the responsibility of foreign companies if there is any problem.At the same time, India did not specify the extent of technology transfer, which means that India has a higher “room for manoeuvre”. Coupled with such a national strategic level project, India is only willing to pay up to $6 billion.Without a partner, India’s “top of the line” submarine strategy has all but collapsed, and all its lofty ambitions have become a mockery. India may have a long way to go to catch up with China.