Big talk 2 Niu Tu (587) open 20 days happy graduation weapon!Player: The old sector is also a graduation weapon

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Hello everyone, I am Lao Xia, a fan of The Classic Version of A Chinese Odyssey 2.Here will be updated at five o ‘clock in the afternoon every day, to bring you daily niu Graphic series plate, there are fun pictures, there are ghosts and magic, funny daily, ironic world propaganda, and various odds in the task, how?Feel satisfied, give small make up to about + thumb up + review three combo of relief release only 17 of the lich king, you are the first “villains” yard + painting shows in a mouth, god feels he is a little too much, you said it three times the answer first tragedy, magic was taken away one day a piece of magic stone, magic should come tomorrow?Give auspicious fruit to give a name, stealth not come yao 260 points to break the dragon, a few minutes rushed to level 5, cow ah once 5 star lotus fire meteor awakening is sky-high, the result is now worthless, just wash it, the result of 4.5 universe out of not afraid of you brothers joke,I still see the scene that obtains year beast for the first time with the first Angle of view ah kui gives xiang a wave of super dig treasure, is ta in dig?This merit value can be hard to take ah, is it possible that the odds have been improved over the New Year?Open the new district for 20 days, get the ultimate graduation weapon!Player: He is also a graduation weapon in the old area!Thank you again, Xiao Wang, today I want to see the game player 45739689, oh Myga people “-” The whale in the bottle is like a dream to find you Chen Future God bless Winter Tong Yicen Westward Journey 2 Classic version of the player’s contribution.At the same time, welcome players from all walks of life to contribute, private letter I good ~ good, today’s share here.I am Lao Xia, if you are also a fan of big talk, you can follow me and share with you these interesting things and game dynamics here every day. See you next time