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It was the second insipid year of staying at home without the sound of firecrackers. Fortunately, my sisters were happier than ever, and I had a lot more time to myself.In the group of pen xiaoping teacher made some of the production of “only this green” green fat writing brush process, artisan ingenuity from a few simple pictures on the face, the kind of elaborate attitude let me move.On the evening of The start of Spring, Teacher Xiaoping “only this green” live broadcast and the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games began at the same time.I had to watch the opening ceremony with my family while watching the live broadcast on my phone with a single earphone.At 9:30 in the evening, it was time for the fat pen to start shooting. It may be that all the big shots were busy at this time. Within my expected range, unexpectedly, I succeeded in shooting this wonderful New Year work of Teacher Xiaoping.In the heart is secretly pleased is satisfied [yeah][yeah][yeah] “only this green” I have life is the most happy when [rose][rose][rose][rose][rose][rose][rose][rose][rose][rose][rose][rose][Rose][Rose][Rose][Rose][Rose][Rose]