Can the letter of admission be left at the Rookie station

2022-06-03 0 By

The letter of acceptance can be left at the rookie station.However, the admission notice of students in cainiao station is on the premise that students should write their home address in the column of address information when they register for the examination, not the address of the school, otherwise the admission notice will be directly sent to the school.However, one thing students need to be aware of is that although admission letters can be left at rookie stations, they are not safe.For something as important as an admission letter, students should pick it up in person, not have it stored in a crowded place like a rookie station.In today’s society, we will inevitably encounter some people with bad intentions. If someone recognizes this as an admission letter and maliciously takes it away for us, the consequences can be said to be unimaginable.Therefore, for such important things as admission notice, we had better follow the way of the school, send it to the school, and then sign in the teacher to get.And the school is very rigorous, even to help students get admission notice, some schools are not allowed, so the admission notice is sent in the school so that the security is the highest, but also the most insurance.The importance of expanding the letter of admission: 1. The letter of admission is a voucher for us to register at the school, which will include the basic information of the school, the time when students need to register at the school, and the bus route to the school.Without an admission letter, it is a very troublesome thing to register at the school.2. When using the admission notice, we can get a discount when buying train tickets, but we can only use it once.