Did the postal EMS express put the express in the Courier station without authorization?Official: internal notice of criticism

2022-06-03 0 By

Recently, some netizens reported that the branch of Dingbian County Post Express New Area put the express to the Courier station without the consent of the owner. After communicating with the branch, the branch refused to deliver the express with bad attitude, and then all the express was not delivered, but put it to the Courier station for self-collection. The complaint was not solved.In response, Dingbian County branch of China Post Group Co., Ltd. in Shaanxi Province replied that after investigation and verification, private express delivery is on holiday recently.”The mail import volume of my branch is large, and there are many people on the street and traffic congestion, and the delivery vehicles are blocked. In order to deliver the mail as soon as possible, the postmen put the mail to the Courier station, and the improper words and speed in the communication with customers caused trouble to customers.”As a result, the company contacted the customer in time, apologized to the customer, and promised to send the email to the customer in the future. At the same time, the branch company issued a notice of criticism, requiring the postman to strengthen professional skills training, improve service quality, and prevent such things from happening again.According to article 25 of the Interim Regulations on Express delivery, express business enterprises should deliver express to the agreed address and consignee or the consignee designated by the consignee, and inform the consignee or consignee for acceptance in person, and the consignee or consignee has the right to acceptance in person.The Service link of the National Standard for Express Service also clearly stipulates that the delivery form should mainly include three forms of face-to-face delivery according to the name and address, self-delivery by the user or delivery through consultation with the user.In accordance with the above provisions, express delivery enterprises should directly send users’ express packages to the door. If users need to pick up their own packages, they should negotiate with the users and obtain the consent of the users before requiring users to pick up the packages themselves at the express service outlets.Without face-to-face or telephone consultation with the user, the user can only notify the user by SMS to pick up the express package at the express service outlet, the user can require the express company to directly deliver the express package to the home.If an express delivery enterprise forces users to pick up express packages by themselves or refuses users’ requests for direct delivery without consulting with users, it violates the relevant provisions of the Interim Regulations on Express Delivery and the National Standards for Express Services.Huashang Daily reporter Yang Huyuan editor Chang Na