First release!Chengdu spring flower viewing index is here

2022-06-03 0 By

Today, chengdu Park city spring flower viewing index was first released!What spring flowers can I enjoy in Chengdu?When is the best time to enjoy it?Where can I go?Spring ornamental flowers in Chengdu include: magnolia, woody begonia, rape, apricot, plum, pear, peach, azalea, cherry blossom, peony, yellow wind bell, viburnum wood hydrangea, Wisteria, Rose for Peony, Rose for rose, rose for rose.Rapeseed flowers in Baitou Town, Chongzhou City have been in full bloom (photo by Li Xiangyu). The park City Spring flower appreciation index, developed this time, is divided into grade ⅲ, specific ↓↓↓ Flower index grade ⅰ : flowering rate is between 10% and 35%, more suitable for travel and appreciation.Spring flower index ⅱ : flowering rate of 35%~60%, suitable for travel.Spring flower index ⅲ : the flowering rate is between 60% and 95%, which is the best time for viewing.In order to make it convenient for everyone to enjoy the beauty of spring flowers, Chengdu Park Urban Construction Management Bureau also launched the 2022 Chengdu Spring Flower Viewing Guide, which recommended the best viewing points and time of all kinds of flowers in spring.This is the most complete flower strategy, suggest hurriedly collect!Warm tip: the temperature is low, please pay attention to warm!Use of the shop to keep the chi shop by Lei Shuang