Good book “White Dew for frost”, sweet and abuse more than addiction!

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Chapter 4 The Temptation to Get Wet Chapter 4 The Temptation to Get WetLu Muyan, quick of eye and quick of hand, immediately pulled her back.White Dew bumped into his warm arms, and you could feel his skin through the fabric, hot and strong as a man.How long did Qin Feng refuse to give himself even a simple hug?Before she always thought, Qin Feng is busy, family, work pressure let him have no time romance.So Bai Lu is diligent, with their meager wages to support the family.Today, however, she understood.There is no cold man in this world, but he is not you.Three years, he put the feelings and tenderness, all to the beautiful elegant ting.Thinking of this, Bai Lu could not help crying.”You…”Lu muyan tried to push her away, but she was so wet that her clothes got wet from clinging to her body.But lu muyan stopped when Bai Lu began to cry.Lu Muyan had never seen a woman crying so hard. While she was crying, she wiped the muddy water on her face, revealing a pure but bloodless face.Bai Lu’s clothes, wet by the rain, clung tightly to her body, delineating her graceful figure.Her hair was all wet, and the rain ran down her face like a white lotus in the rain.Lu Muyan saw many heavily made-up women, a little bit of sweat are embarrassed in a complete mess, and white dew in the rain plain yan is fresh and quietly elegant.Rain drops are down her cheeks, neck, down to the open collar of the towering depths, luring Lu Muyan’s eyes, deep into the fall.Lu muyan hugged her cold body and felt the softness and tenderness of her skin, but his heart felt like a kitten scratching.The rain crashed down, white Dew crying in the rain slowly small.”I’ll take you to the hospital.”Lu Muyan some softhearted, took Bai Lu ready to go to the hospital.”No, thank you.”Bai Lu shook her head and stood up from Lu muyan’s arms with all her strength.”You have an injury on your foot.””No, thank you very much.”Bai Lu wiped the rain off her face, smiled politely, and turned to leave.Lu Muyan looked at her swaying body, but firmly supported the limping leg, shadow into the dark wind and rain.Bai Lu walked slowly along the shops, shivering with cold.In this strange city, bai Lu crouched down as she watched the orange lights on the tall buildings on a rainy night.She was homeless and isolated.She had no money with her and the key was left at the wedding house. Zhou LAN would not allow her to go back.We have to go to the wedding house.White dew braved the heavy rain and went quickly to the Emerald City.Without the key, Bai Lu waited for someone to open the door. Then she climbed into the elevator and went to the door of the wedding house to call Qin Feng.”Du du…”The phone got through, white dew nervous just ready to shout the name of Qin Feng, but heard a familiar female voice, is elegant ting answer!As if struck by lightning!”Feed, white dew ah, have what matter, Qin Feng he took a bath.”Bai Lu’s mind went blank and she stood still holding the phone.The telephone spread the elegant ting contemptuous laughter, and then it is very concerned.”White lu ah where are you now, but outside the heavy rain, I heard that you were driven out by Qin mother?Are you all right now?”Bai Lu heard the rampant laughter and ironic language in the mobile phone, and shivered all over.The bitch!He was driven out of the matter was actually known by her, she and Qin Feng together!Two dog men and women, will be struck by lightning!Rumble!Another thunderbolt exploded on the horizon.White dew frightened of the body rustle, slow to god.”What about Qin Feng?Put him on the phone.”White dew take a deep breath, suggesting that he must be steady, never angry, not angry with bitch.Otherwise, if you get in her way, she’s just waiting to see what she laughs at.”He’s gone to take a bath, you know. He’s all sweaty.”White Lu grinds her teeth, so shameless words she can say.Is Qin Feng still a man?How long has it been since he was kicked out by his mother-in-law and left to sleep with another woman?!”Do you want to know where we are?Elegant ting light smile, “in the marriage room oh, your marriage room…”Boom!White dew feeling in the brain have what thing roar burst open, fry of oneself whole body weakness, almost smash to pieces.”Elegant ting you this shameless woman, you roll to me, your mother is how to educate you, keep so big you give others when small three, you also want to face, you will suffer retribution!”Bai Lu was angry and knocked hard on the door.”Elegant ting, you roll out for me, roll out!You’re the most shameless woman I’ve ever seen, bitch!”The door opened and Qin Feng stood in disgust at the door.”That’s enough, White Dew. I’ve never seen a woman as spiteful as you.”What!Bai Lu froze in place.”My mama was worn by you to fall to the ground not to rise, still be elegant graceful come over to help, you instead make a big mouth scold, you how so evil you!”Ha ha.Bai Lu wanted to laugh, but she could not laugh anyway. She wanted to cry, and her face was twisted and ugly.Originally, this is the elegant ting scheming!Infuriate yourself to make yourself hysterical, and then let Qin Feng hear his insults, let him see his ugly and vicious image.It’s amazing.Give up, I give up.Bai Lu lowered her hands and went numb into the heavy rain.This one, it was a complete loss.White Dew was walking in the rain, cold rain poured on the body, biting cold.Suddenly an umbrella stopped over her head, shielding her from the icy rain.Bai Lu looked up and saw a warm face under the umbrella.Lu Muyan.Lu muyan took Bai Lu to a hotel and gave her a room with his ID card.The clerk at the front desk saw white Lu’s soggy body and her eyes showed a slight disdain.And what kind of cheeky bitch is still seducing her, screwing rich people.Bai Lu saw her sharp eyes, but she did not care to quarrel with her now.Love is gone, home is gone, friendship is gone.What of the other strange looks of others!”Miss White, stay here for the night. Don’t go out in such a heavy rain. Be careful of catching cold.”Bai Lu nodded stupidly. when the air conditioner blew in the hotel, she felt cold and decided to take a bath.Lu muyan took a towel and dried his hair. Seeing that she was ok, he prepared to go downstairs to buy her some food before leaving.”Dong!”As soon as they reached the door, Lu muyan heard a loud noise from the bathroom and turned back in surprise.”Miss White, Miss White are you all right?”Nothing stirring in the bathroom…(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Girls’ Novel Research Institute, xiaobian for you continue to recommend wonderful novels!