Hebei Province Market Supervision Bureau to help rural revitalization again hard measures

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In order to effectively promote rural revitalization, Hebei Market Supervision Bureau issued the key Points of Work on Village Assistance and Designated Assistance in 2022 on March 23, 2022, which further clarified the priorities and tasks of assistance work, adopted a variety of core measures to support people’s talents and promote rich farmers, and ensured that rural people are better off on the road to moderate prosperity.Cohesion, tree fresh wind.According to the changes in the situation of the assisting areas, the provincial Market Supervision Bureau combined with the actual situation, condensed the internal assisting force, continued to provide organizational guarantee and talent support, put the party members and cadres with solid style and strong ability to overcome difficulties at the forefront, optimize the assisting force in the villages, and stabilize the assisting team in the villages.The task forces in each village determined the key points of assistance, increased the publicity of poverty prevention policies and the understanding and support of policies on industry, employment, education, medical care and housing, and promoted the formation of a simple and progressive new rural fashion in the assisted areas.Build long-term, prevent return to poverty.The provincial Market Supervision Bureau strengthened the investment and supervision of funds for assistance, based on local planning, paid attention to the follow-up and long-term cultivation of industries, and increased the investment and assistance of regional characteristic industrial projects and livelihood projects related to the daily life of the people, such as roads, drinking water, medical treatment and greening.The annual plan is to invest and construct two village-level pv power stations of 100KW and 130KW;Developing ecological aquaculture;Renovate the main road into the village, improve communication, radio, television and other infrastructure;Build cultural square and cultural corridor, strengthen the cultural construction of natural villages;Renovate rural toilets, treat domestic sewage and garbage, and improve living environment;We will promote the governance of “hollow villages”, improve basic public services such as education and elderly care, and continue to improve living conditions.We will improve the working mechanism of assistance and consolidate the achievements of the “no worries, no worries, and no worries” policy.We should draw on our strengths to promote national rejuvenation.The provincial Market Supervision Bureau took advantage of market supervision to increase support for rural characteristic industries and promote rural revitalization.Provincial market supervision bureau plans to build consumption support platform, cultivate night economy safe consumption demonstration street, safe consumption demonstration village, carry out rural consumer laws and regulations and consumption knowledge popularization activities, realize “safe” consumption, play the role of safe consumption in consumption support, rural revitalization;Based on the regional advantages, we can improve the success rate of geographical indication registration and promote the development of characteristic industries by constantly mining the resources of geographical indication in helping regions.To provide technical services to support areas with suitable conditions and encourage the development of organic product certification;Efforts should be made to improve the supply level and quality of agricultural products in assisted areas, strengthen communication with online trading platforms, explore diversified purchasing and marketing methods, and expand sales channels by combining internal and external factors, so as to effectively increase farmers’ incomes and boost rural economy.It is reported that the bureau and dispatched four teams stationed in the village, 2021 in the consolidation and expansion of poverty alleviation achievements, comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization work in excellent results, hebei Provincial Party Committee commended the Organization department.(Zhang Zhenyu) Source: Hebei Market Supervision Administration