The five most disappointing players in China’s 2-0 thrashing of Japan

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China lost 2-0 to Japan in a crucial World Cup qualifier, leaving its fans heartbroken.After the replacement of the head coach of The National football Team, the new head coach Li Xiaopeng also ushered in his debut as a coach of the national football team. However, no matter from the result of the game or the whole process, the game of the National football team lost to the Japanese team was very ugly, and even it was difficult for the fans to accept!Of course, it is not only the coach who is responsible for the loss, but the players’ lack of ability and poor performance is the real reason. Here we take a look at the five most disappointing players in China’s 2-0 loss to Japan.In fact, after Li Xiaopeng took over as the head coach of The National football Team, the fans had expected that there would be some slight changes in the lineup structure of the national football team. As expected, many familiar faces got the chance to return to the national football team, including luneng left back Zheng Zheng!Born in 1989, Zheng Zheng has reached 32 years old. In the most golden age of football players, Zheng Zheng’s athletic state is still relatively excellent, but his technical ability is not very reassuring, which is also an important reason why Zheng Zheng, with his outstanding physical strength, has rarely played in the national team.Back to the team’s 2-0 loss to Japan, may be due to Japan’s east pure also supply threats, the team’s head coach Li Xiaopeng chose the rich experience and outstanding physical Zheng Zheng start, but to be fair, we Zheng Zheng in the play of the game are hardly satisfactory, and even the fans were very disappointed!In the first half, almost all of Japan’s threats came from their right flank, the left defensive line manned by China’s Zheng Zheng, which might have been broken had it not been for a poor shot by Dayu Yong.Even so, Japan’s goal in the 11th minute was the result of a defensive error on China’s left flank, with Wang shanchao, the right-back, having been forced to cover on the left side of the pitch, showing how badly Zheng was out of position.It was because of Wang’s passive defensive movement that his tackle was finally blown for handball. To be honest, the defense problem was not wang’s, but China’s left defense was knocked through.As a football fan who has watched more than 1000 football matches, I really don’t think Zheng zheng has the ability to be selected to the national team, which may be an important reason why the head coach Li Xiaopeng is ridiculed by fans.Hao Junmin was definitely the representative player of Chinese football when he was young. Schalke’s career in Europe is still a topic of interest to the fans, but his ability is not what it used to be.Born in 1987, Kobao Jun-min is now 34 years old, which is the age when a soccer player will retire from the game. However, it is strange that Kobao jun-min is still playing for the national team.To be fair, Humao Junmin’s football skills are very distinctive, accurate and fast passing, flexible mind, is a rare talent in the football field, but time really does not let people, the game once the son of wind has gradually become a thing of the past!Why do I rate Hao Jun-min as the most disappointing player?In the 2-0 loss to Japan, Li Xiaopeng, head coach of The National football Team, selected Three midfield teams consisting of Xiao Junmin, Xu Xin and Wu Xi. Xiao Junmin appeared on the left side of the field. It can be seen that Li Xiaopeng trusted Xiao Junmin’s breakthrough threat and defensive ability on the left side.But in the first half of the game, junmin hao in defense of the hardness and the organization of the attack, the play is very bad, the ball passing errors, sauntered past coolly playing style is always difficult to get in the game show, perhaps old junmin hao has not quite suitable for high strength international!Xiao Junmin’s unsatisfactory performance was not only due to his own reasons, but also to the blind trust of li Xiaopeng, the head coach, who was also responsible for choosing a player whose ability was not enough to support the important matches, which also reflected li Xiaopeng’s very important decision mistakes in the selection of players.After seeing Hao Junmin play badly, Li Xiaopeng also replaced him decisively at the beginning of the second half. In such a crucial game to test the team lineup, we have to say that Li Xiaopeng’s approach is really very bold!3 speaking of Xu Xin, we have to talk about his progress. In the match between China national Football Team and Australia, Xu Xin provided a very important hardness in the midfield for China National Football Team. Such performance also made the coach and fans full of expectations for him!Maybe the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment, in the match with the National football team lost to the Japanese team, Xu Xin’s performance was very normal, and there were not many brilliant performances, maybe the technical flow of the Japanese team is not suitable for his technical characteristics of play!In the final stage of the game, CCTV commentator Liu Jiayuan made a comprehensive summary of Xu Xin, he said: This game, Xu Xin did not play the hardness of defense, which is also a big difference from his performance in the game against Australia!Watched the game fans should be able to find, China play of the game is not imagination of so bad, just with the fans look forward to have a large gap, objectively speaking, China’s several midfielder will not be enough stable and accurate processing, just around his teammates and his strength, there are some subtle gap,This is also the objective factor that Xu Xin plays poorly!Now it seems that Xu Xin, who was born in 1994, may be the dominant force of the national football Team in the future. He is also a rare player of the Mesozoic generation in the current National football team. I sincerely hope that Xu Xin can train hard and help the national team achieve good results with his excellent performance.2 in the second half of the 55th minute, Li Xiaopeng chose to use Alan to replace zhang Yuning in the game of general play, this is Zhang Yuning in the recent World Cup qualifiers on the least time!If from the result-oriented perspective, Zhang Yuning’s performance throughout the game is really satisfactory, but from the whole process, the National football team lost to Japan in the game, and which player played good enough?Therefore, the reason why Li Xiaopeng replaced Zhang Yuning is actually very simple, that is, Zhang Yuning is a typical center player, in the Chinese team only about 30% of the ball control rate of the game, he can not provide obvious help to the team in the defense counterattack, this is also the most fundamental reason for Zhang Yuning’s poor performance in the game!In the final analysis, Zhang Yuning’s play is not good just because of the opponent’s style, the Japanese team’s small quick and clever football style makes Zhang Yuning very inadapted to the field, and the Chinese team almost has no position to attack the round, Zhang Yuning’s disappearance is reasonable!Speaking of Wu Lei, the fans are always used to calling him the hope of the whole village, which also reflects the fans’ high expectation on him. As the only player in the Current National football team traveling to Europe, Wu Lei should indeed play an irreplaceable role of other players!But in the loss to Japan, Wu Lei almost disappeared from the whole game, no matter in the offensive end or defense, we can hardly see him, this situation is very rare in the past games!From the process of the game, wu Lei’s excessive passing is an important reason for fans to criticize him, because only Wu Lei has certain breakthrough ability in the whole team, if Wu Lei also chooses to pass, then the speed of the Chinese team’s defense and counterattack will be completely restricted!Different from other players who are blamed for poor play, fans of Wu Lei’s dissatisfaction is more just hate iron can not become steel helplessness, after all, Wu Lei as the current national football team’s number one star, he should play a role that other players can not replace!Born in 1991, Wu Lei has reached the age of 30 unconsciously. As fans, we don’t expect Wu Lei to help the national team achieve better results, because they have dedicated their best youth without reservation.As sensible fans, we do not complain about Wu lei’s poor performance in the match, but just hope wu lei can work a little harder to bring some joy to the fans, even if it is only a dangerous attack!In the end, the Chinese national football team lost to Japan in the game is actually expected by the fans, but the one-sided process of the whole game is difficult to accept, and the content of the game is really very embarrassing!As fans, we can not expect the players to do more, whether in the individual ability of the players or the overall cooperation, The Japanese team is obviously higher than the current national football team a grade, but the coach Li Xiaopeng’s bad choice of personnel has an unavoidable responsibility, which must be made clear!Okay, that’s it. I’m Dong Dagan. See you next time!Summary,