Watch out!Double dian one resident risk is deceived

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After the Spring Festival, as factories, enterprises and institutions resume work and production, fraudsters are also ready to start “business”, their fraud methods are endless, so that people can not be prevented.This is not, recently, Shuangdian town residents Ms. Zhou received a claiming to be “Nantong social security Bureau” telephone.What’s going on? Let’s watch the report.Hello cheater, is this Zhou **?We are from nantong Social Security Bureau.Yes, what can I do for you?Ms. Zhou received the clues from Shanghai Social Security Bureau: In September 2021, you applied for a social security card in Jiading, Shanghai, and a sum of funds reimbursed in October is suspected of serious violations. You need to cancel your account in Shanghai immediately, or we will talk to you with the public security bureau.Oh, how can WE get there now? How can we do this?Weeks, according to ms zhou, in memory at four o ‘clock in the afternoon, she received a number of “+ 87” at the beginning of the phone, the other party claims to be the staff of nantong social security bureau, said Ms. Zhou last September in Shanghai jiading dealt with a social security card alleged irregularities, require two 10 weeks ms immediately to Shanghai or transfer the cancellation of this account.The other side said, if Ms. Zhou does not cooperate, will talk to her with the public security organs.Ms. Zhou could not think about it, so she quickly agreed and hurried to the bank.To the bank, Ms. Zhou flustered expression attracted the attention of the bank staff.After some inquiry, the bank staff began to kindly remind.At this point, Ms. Zhou calmed down and felt that something was wrong.He has never been to Shanghai, and the ID card has been around, and did not lose.Under every hesitation, she came to the district police station.This kind of telephone number is swindler special, you need not ignore, must not believe!Shuangdian police station on duty sun Yuejin received Ms. Zhou, after understanding the situation, Sun Yuejin told Ms. Zhou, “+87” starting number from abroad, this is a social security telecom fraud phone, do not transfer money.In the timely police block and popular science, Ms. Zhou finally calm down.In recent years, in view of the prevention and management of telecom fraud cases, Shuangdian police station actively carry out publicity, at the same time through research and analysis, timely discovery may be cheated of the masses, with telephone, SMS remind, doorstep and other means to the masses to dissuade.Police remind 1. If you receive strange phone calls or text messages, do not click on the website to operate or listen to the prompt remittance, transfer, so as not to cause property losses.2. Human resources and social security departments and public security organs will not inform you of abnormal, illegal operation or account freeze of your social security card by phone, wechat, QQ or SMS, nor will they investigate and collect evidence through the above methods.3. If the social security card is abnormal, please call the social security hotline 12333 or go to the social security agency to verify.Finally, if you have suffered fraud, please immediately call 110 or 96110 to report to the police as quickly as possible!All media reporter: Wang Tinghao, Zhang Guying integrated Rudong public security micro police editing, production: Chen Xunan