Good at fighting bad battles!The NBA’s top 10 playoff-ready stars: The top three deserve to be named

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In the NBA playoffs are the biggest stage, and all the players in this arena, work hard, to strive for the victory, as a result, the playoffs against the intensity is high, generally players sustain the strength of the playoffs, performance is very general, and some of the players, they are born to the playoffs, their performance in the playoffs is wonderful,The highlight of their NBA careers also came in the postseason. Here are 10 players who were born for the postseason.Billups billups in the NBA starting point is not low, he is a young man, but in the following years, he did not step on the bright road, once was called “gray goods”, after experiencing a lot of setbacks, Billups finally proved himself.Chauncey billups find their roles in the piston, during the regular season, his performance is good, but not very outstanding, in the playoffs, Chauncey billups, calm, can give full play to their own organization, make piston offensive in good order, on the processing of big shot at the same time, also very perfect, 04 finals, Chauncey billups 21 points and 5.2 assists, 1.2 steals,Billups did so well that he was named FMVP and made a name for himself.Ninth: Rondo rondo’s athletic ability is general, height is also relatively deficient, the most outstanding ability is the organization, in the regular season, Rondo is an organizer, do not compete for glory, do not steal the limelight, do not show the mountain is not the organization of the team, to complete their task.When the playoffs start, rondo is just like a different person, his stronger organization ability, pass the ball a bigger threat, he is also more fierce, the defender, in second grade, rondo just won a championship with the team, is the team’s best organizer, 19-20, is a veteran of the rondo in the playoffs on a second, helping the lakers win,Don’t underestimate Rondo on the playoff stage.Horry entered the NBA in 92 years, began the NBA journey, in the regular season, Horry is a blue-collar player, performance is very average, few teams will make what targeted defense for Horry, but do not look down on horry playoff.In the playoffs, horry’s ball, opportunities will not more, but at a critical moment, can always see horry, because horry 3-pointers capacity particularly strong, still have a big heart, can in the opportunity comes, hit the winning goal, and Robert horry NBA16 years also really into a lot of dead ball, more classic has a dead king,Horry is a player made for the big occasion.Ginobili is a second-round pick, when he first entered the NBA, not many people looked good on him, but Ginobili still with his own ability to stand firm in the NBA, become one of the core of the Spurs, NBA player.Ginobili during the regular season is a sixth man, opportunity is not much, but when the highest scoring 19.5 points, but in the playoffs, ginobili has became the most dangerous man in the field, in the playoffs, ginobili averaged more than 20 points twice, and stand up in the SAN Antonio spurs when danger, cause, bring victory to the team,Ginobili was built for the playoffs and is a player that cannot be thoroughly understood by statistics.Sixth: Pierce 98 into the NBA, his singles ability is very strong, is called the “offensive kaleidoscope”, in the regular season, Pierce performance is also good, is the league’s excellent scorer, but lead the team ability is general, Pierce stage in the playoffs.Pierce is not a can of his teammates better players, he is a spear, can through their own personal ability to shoot the opponent’s defense, in the playoffs, Pierce took the ball at some critical moments, through their own singles to complete the attack, the stage, the greater the Pierce the more wonderful performance, 08 finals, Pierce brilliant, elected FMVP, in addition to this,Pierce has a lot more to show for the playoffs.They drafted Worthy when the lakers were strong. Worthy didn’t need to play much in the regular season and had a lighter load. Worthy played well, and the lakers could go into the playoffs with their heads held high and contend for a championship.Every player in the playoffs, desperately, will own the ability to full play, and worthy is a big occasion player, so a competitive game in the playoffs, worthy can always play better performance, help the team win, 87-88 season finals, worthy with three double FMVP holds to a bosom, because performance in competition,Worthy was known as “Big Game James.”Wade entered the NBA in 2003, and his rookie season was brilliant, revitating the Heat and making them one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference. Since then, Wade has been the absolute core of the Heat’s championship bid.’05 -‘ 06, rapid advances the heat, into the eastern conference finals, in the eastern conference finals, wade performance fascinating, rate team beat the pistons, reach the NBA finals, after two games in a row in the NBA finals, wade led the counterattack frenzy, he scored 30 + unceasingly, finally win 4 games to lead, to win the championship, was elected FMVP, wade through this war, won the respect of all.Hakeem Olajuwon entered THE NBA in 1984 and joined the rockets. After he came to the rockets, Hakeem Olajuwon elevated the rockets to a higher level. Hakeem Olajuwon became the core of the rockets and the rockets also had the ability to compete for the championship.Hakeem olajuwon did very well in the regular season, 93-94 season, hakeem olajuwon won the MVP, the rockets to the playoffs, in the playoffs, hakeem olajuwon’s performance is very good, even western rivals, reverse drama, its performance is good, strong stability are rare, with the help of hakeem olajuwon, rockets won the championship, the 94-95 season,Hakeem Olajuwon again to help the rockets defend their title, hakeem Olajuwon is very scary in the playoffs.James joined the Cavs as the no. 1 overall pick in 2003. In his second year, James became the absolute core of the Cavs, dominating the floor and helping the team in every way to get the Cavs out of the bottom of the pile.James had a great regular season, winning four MVPS, but his playoff performances were even better. In 2011-12, James led the team to defeat the Thunder in the Finals, winning the NBA MVP for the first time in his career. In his second season, He helped the Heat win the NBA MVP again, in 2015-16,James led the lakers to a 3-1 comeback to win the NBA championship, and in the 19-20 season, He led the lakers back to their glory days, dominating the playoffs.Jordan joined the Bulls in 1984, immediately became the pillar of the Bulls, the Bulls have a lot of change, helped the Bulls to the playoffs, from then on, Jordan continued to play in the playoffs, writing his own legend.Playoff Jordan was the strongest Jordan, against Celtic, his contribution to 63 points, then second grade of Jordan, and after the team stronger, Jordan led the bulls to kill into the finals, in the finals, Jordan, splendid performance, left a lot of wonderful images, including “last”, in the finals, Jordan 6 war games, far more than predecessors,Jordan is a playoff god.