‘It has world-class ice and snow resources’

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Mountains, snow – covered, ethnic characteristics of the wooden house dotted in the meantime.”It is mainly powdery snow, with long snow trails and large drops, which makes it especially enjoyable to ski.”The first phase of xinjiang Hemu Ji Keprin International Ski Resort in Altay prefecture has just been completed. Ma Jianxing, a tourist from Guangdong province, came to the resort.In addition to skiing, there are wulungu Lake Winter fishing Festival, Burjin County fog Festival and other colorful winter tourism features.”The planned construction area of the resort is 8.6 square kilometers, the planned ski area is 5.35 square kilometers, covering the ski area of 40 square kilometers, and the area for wild snow skiing is more than 60 square kilometers. After the completion of the resort, it will become a world-class ski resort.”Liu Hongbin, party secretary of altay’s Culture, Sports, radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, said, “Currently, tourists from within Xinjiang account for about 87 percent, and tourists from outside Xinjiang account for about 13 percent, including some foreign tourists.We welcome tourists from all over the world to ski in Xinjiang with open hands.”Xinjiang is blessed with snow and ice resources, and the snow and ice season lasts for more than five months in many places.In recent years, xinjiang’s ice and snow industry has developed rapidly, with the construction of venues and facilities increasingly improved, and new formats such as ice and snow sports, ice and snow training, and ice and snow tourism have emerged.”It has world-class snow and ice resources and the right temperature to build a ski resort.”Chen jian ‘an, from Guangdong province, spent four months in Xinjiang to invest in facilities such as ski resorts and hotels.”With diversity, richness and professionalism, xinjiang’s ice and snow tourism has always attracted tourists.”To promote the development of ice and snow economy, Xinjiang is also expanding upstream and downstream industries.In March 2021, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Jilin Province signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Beijing to jointly establish China (Changbai Mountain Range — Altai Mountain Range) Pilot Zone for High-quality Development of Ice and snow Economy, actively promoting key cooperation in ice and snow tourism, sports, culture and other areas.”The pilot zone will make innovations in key areas such as tourism facilitation, standardization and internationalization of tourism environment, promote the quality and upgrading of ice and snow tourism consumption, improve service quality and internationalization level, better meet the diverse needs of ice and snow consumers, and build itself into a world ice and snow tourism destination.”Liu hongbin said.For a long time, the traffic bottleneck has been one of the factors restricting the development of tourism in Xinjiang.Nowadays, xinjiang’s transportation facilities have been greatly improved.”At present, xinjiang has achieved the goal of linking up the inner areas of the country and moving in and out of xinjiang quickly, and a modern comprehensive three-dimensional transportation system has taken shape, which strongly supports the development of tourism.”Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region culture and tourism department resources development deputy director Zhou Hao said.Walking in Xinjiang, the great Beauty of ice and snow picture is slowly unfolding.People’s Daily (06 edition on January 27, 2022) (Edited by: Xiao Luxin, Guan Xiyan) Share to let more people see