Mercedes-benz EQS SUV and EQE SUV will be released this year!Beijing/Guangzhou auto show, made in USA

2022-06-04 0 By

Mercedes is firmly on the road to electrification, with a significantly faster pace than BMW and Audi. EQ family of electric vehicles will soon grow again with the launch of EQS SUV and EQE SUV, which are also the third and fourth models based on the EVA platform.At present, Mercedes pure electric car named EQ plus class letters, SUV is EQ+ class letters +SUV.Technically, the EQS SUV and EQE SUV are being developed together in a joint engineering program and are scheduled to be rolled out to each other within six months. As a result, the Mercedes-benz electric car family will have EQA, EQB, EQC, EQE, EQS SUV, and a production version based on the G-class Vision EQG concept,A unique four-motor powertrain, also under development, is scheduled to be launched in 2024, by which time the main range of Mercedes-benz electric cars will be largely complete.As a flagship SUV model, the EQS SUV will provide the basis for the more powerful and luxurious Maybach models, as seen in the Maybach concept car unveiled at the Munich Motor Show in 2021.Like sedans, the EQS SUV and EQE SUV will not only be offered in high-low power models, but also in amG-looking kit versions.The EQS SUV, with a length of 5160mm, is expected to be unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show in April, while the EQE SUV, with a length of 4850mm, will be unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November.Modelling of the appearance of the two models are smooth, after a lot of wind tunnel test and research and development, can obtain the wind resistance coefficient of industry leading, such as pedal installed in at the bottom of the door, and optimize the aerodynamic wheels, but officials say the two car interior trim will be more impressive, Mercedes to define electric car interior again.In terms of power, referring to the domestic EQS models EQS 580 4MATIC and EQS 450+, EQS SUV is expected to offer 111.8kwh lithium ion battery pack and two motors, and EQS 580 SUV 4MATIC power will reach 517 horsepower.With 333 HP, the EQS 450+ SUV 4MATIC will also be the basis for Maybach’s first EV, which will be named after the EQS 600 SUV and will also be slightly more powerful.The smaller EQE SUV will use a 90.6kwh lithium-ion battery pack with a choice of rear-wheel-drive single motor or four-wheel-drive dual motor layouts, while the cheapest version of the EQE 350 SUV will offer 288 horsepower and 530N·m.While Mercedes has committed to 800V charging compatibility in future EQ models, both the EQS SUV and EQE SUV will have a 400V electrical architecture.The EQS SUV and EQE SUV are planned to be built at Mercedes-benz’s U.S. plant in Tuscaloosa, Ala., which currently makes the conventionally powered GLE and GLS SUVs, so the news makes sense.