Three kingdoms strategy edition: don’t change rubbish skills, the correct exchange order of the master skills is this

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In the game, equipment skill books can be exchanged according to “meritorious deeds”. Most players have their favorite goals, but some fans are confused and do not know which one to exchange.Flower mat will make a summary of these treasure skills, made a table, I hope you can use it.This kind of skills can be carried by any general, so it is called general skills.However, since supremacy is not available every season, when you acquire it, you can exchange several useful skills in advance. When exchanging regular skills, be sure to exchange the skills you can use, otherwise it will be useless when they are idle.Aid and Trampling Aid may be a higher priority in most people’s eyes, but trampling and aid are on the same level in flower MATS ‘eyes.For Wu gun, Wei Dun is more useful, other teams basic use, if you have these two teams, one point first exchange aid, playing cheng Pu with an aid is very easy to use.To close the screen is a god treasure, and the whole process is effective, assuming that a team has 3 stampeding horses, not to shock the enemy are difficult.Advantage of stampeding: besides Guan Yinping, other military generals can also carry, such as Lu Bu, Tai Shi Ci, Gan Ning, Sun Quan, Sun Shangxiang and other repeated attacks, or more than the military generals.Flower mat advice: aid for one can, trample for more than 3, or even more, anyway this thing will not be out of date.Apart from these two abilities, the one worth redeemable is the rigid body skill, which increases damage immunity by 3% and can be carried by anyone. It’s not much, but it can stack with the book of war.Angry, strange can also be exchanged, but not much necessary, when you exchange other treasures, can choose these two, and the spirit is completely unnecessary, 5% strategy to avoid injury can only give Zhang Fei Dian Wei this kind of low intelligence will carry, not equal to the rigid body of 3% completely avoid injury practical.So, don’t exchange skills like anger.These four skills are limited to be carried by generals. Only zhang Jiao, Yu Ji, Hua Tuo and Zuo Ci can be carried.Under normal circumstances, will not give priority to exchange, only when the fairy team is your main force, choose to exchange them, if you can fully exchange, the strength of the fairy team will indeed improve very much.Priority is given to the chamfer skill, followed by the evasive effect of left mercy.Because zhang Jiao is effective on both yellow turban and immortals, while Zuo Ci is only effective on immortals, that is to say, Zhang Jiao cannot enjoy the 10% dodge effect.Yuji does increase damage, but it won’t be as good as the other two unless you get to 7-8.Hua Tuo’s skill, refer to the battle break, 20% chance to trigger a little difficult.The flower will exchange 1 aid and 3 trashers first, and then consider the fairy treasure, after all, the universal treasure is more widely used, any warrior can use it.Red rabbit’s gallop is +25 speed in the first 2 rounds, which is the best mount for speed eating generals like Tai Shi Ci and Sun Shang xiang.High speed team civil war, same redness, same stat points, but you have 25 more speed than your enemy in the first two turns, you win.It is very helpful to open land and fight. If you have three generals to resist, you will have thousands more troops at the beginning, and the enemy’s first wave of output will be wasted.When you do not know what to change, concentration is a good choice, 2% will not seem much, but with the military book will be 2.5% will be able to stack, 4.5% will trigger the probability is not too low.Hua Xi changed three concentrated treasures, which were brought to Sun Shangxiang, Tai Shi Ci and Le Jin respectively, because their output was relatively stable, and they had blade damage in every turn. They triggered 20 blade damage in 8 turns, which could be triggered once according to the probability of 4.5%.In addition to these three, the luma 25 commander can be carried by generals with rattan armor, learn to learn 10% of experience can come to a book, open the wilderness upgrade can be used.But later there are a lot of output or defense treasures, studious often do not use, this point to pay attention to, so do not change.The rest of the skills do not change, there is no great value, there is a chance to change a few more concentration and aid can gallop because of the need for red rabbit horse so to exchange as needed.Most of these skills are good, but you need to decide according to your team, if Guan Yu and Lu Bu are not your main force, there is no need to exchange their exclusive skills first.If you don’t play with these generals, it is better to exchange concentrated spirit, red rabbit and horse, which can be used by everyone.Wu Sheng, tiangong best, because it is the full effect, can be stable to increase the damage.Second is the talent, peerless skills, the first round to get combos, group attack effect, improve the early damage.At the bottom of the list is Huang Zhong’s bow skill, which is a must in the first two rounds. However, Huang Zhong can’t deal damage steadily in the first two rounds, often acting to make you cry.Conclusion: the above is the proposal of the flower mat for the exchange of treasures, at present, the flower mat is exchanged for the idle wusheng, xiongjust idle, only concentration, resist, the highest rate of the day.