Xunchang Middle school in Yibin Gong County carried out a collective lesson preparation teaching and research activity called “classroom teaching competition”

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In order to further implement the “double reduction” policy and promote education and teaching reform, the schools organized 17 teaching and research groups and 145 teachers to conduct a class teaching contest on February 21.The participating teachers first elaborated their own teaching design from the aspects of “teaching objectives”, “teaching process” and “teaching methods” according to the actual situation of students.Then, with the subject teachers, “pulse”, diagnosis, in view of the problems in the teaching design to put forward suggestions for improvement.After continuous polishing and improvement, the teaching ideas of each subject are clearer, the teaching design is more reasonable, and the teaching process is more smooth.”A single flower does not make a spring.”Individual development is inseparable from collective wisdom.This activity, not only let the teachers gather collective wisdom, carry forward the team spirit, learn from each other, promote each other, but also to improve the quality of school teaching and promote the high-quality development of education into a strong vitality.Photo and text: Li Yulian Source: Gongxian Jiaoti