Female college students abuse delivery man hot search: respect, is a person’s most basic self-cultivation

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A few days ago, there was a news that a female college student in Anhui province abused the delivery worker on weibo hot search.It turned out that the female college student had ordered a cup of milk tea after filling in the wrong phone number and then changing the delivery address, causing the delivery man to make two trips.However, when the takeout member dust and dust to send, the girl not only don’t thank, but also outside the member swore: “old niang is a college student, is your God!You’re like a son to me, you know what I mean?If you have no money, work hard!I complain directly, your whole family suffer well?”Culture does not mean quality.Apparently it was her own fault, but the female student insulted the delivery man instead.She doesn’t know that when she doesn’t know what respect is and tramples on the dignity of others, her dignity is trampled under her own feet.As the writer Zhou Guoping said, “Anyone who has personality and dignity must know how to respect others’ personality.At the same time, if you insult others, you insult yourself.”Respect, is a person’s most basic accomplishment.In his theory of human needs, Maslow said that respect is a human need, and everyone longs to be respected by others deep in his heart.My best friend Jj told me her story.She’s sending a package. She’s picking it up downstairs.In order not to delay the Courier in the -28 degree outdoor, Xiaojie arrived at the appointed place five minutes in advance.The Courier explained as he stepped off the electric car: It had just snowed and the road was slippery, so I dared not ride too fast.Xiaojie hurriedly comforted him and said that he had just arrived.When the Courier filled out the form, Xiaojie noticed that although he was wearing glasses, his eyes were sticking to the paper.Knowing that he was amblyopia, Xiaojie took the pen and helped him fill out the express.When they left, Xiao Jie told him that it was cold and slippery, so be careful when riding.He repeatedly said “thank you” three times, in xiaojie’s eyes away.I like this sentence: all people are created equal, and everyone who works hard deserves to be respected.How much a person respects others determines how high he can reach.Qian Zhongshu, the author of Fortress Besieged, is also a model of respect for others.A caregiver who had cared for him for five years spoke of him in glowing praise.”Mr. Qian never says anything serious and is very considerate,” he said.I remember that once my family brought grapes and I fed him. After he ate a small part, he refused to eat any more.He wanted to save some for me to taste.”On another occasion, the nurse thought Qian was asleep and chatted with the nurse on ward rounds.Knowing that her family needed money to build a house, Qian asked Yang for 3,000 yuan to help her.To avoid embarrassment, he explained to his wife in his native dialect.Writer Liu Yong said: give to others, do not make the other party have the feeling of receiving, help others, to give the highest respect to each other.This is not only the art of helping others, but also the sentiment of humanity.Respect is shown in the small details of a person’s life.It is rooted in one’s inner cultivation, but also reflects a person’s conduct.The more powerful the person, the more respect for others.If we can respect others, we can also earn respect from others.It is said that half of the people in this world are happy, while the other half don’t understand.Yes, my friend Jia Jia and her husband did.Jia Jia and his wife have very different personalities.Her husband regarded fame and wealth very lightly. He read books, wrote poems, played basketball and played the piano in his spare time.But Jia Jia is very despise this kind of living, that her husband is worthless, not aspirant, just know poor joy.After three years of marriage, she has set a good example for her husband to follow, but he still lives happily at his own pace.Jia Jia to her husband is hate iron does not become steel, often excuses and he quarrel.One day, two people quarrel again because of a trifle, the husband does not want to quarrel again, hide to another room to read a book.Jia Jia did not vent the object more angry, chase to another room to continue to scold, speak also more mouth not choose words: “I know the whole useless, look at the other people Xiao Hang’s husband, and you work together, all mention director, look at you, live so weak, so happy every day?”Her husband slapped the book on the table, suddenly stood up, pointed at Jia Jia’s nose and said: “I think I’m quite happy, why do you have to change my life?I’ve had enough. Get a divorce!”Then he slammed the door and left.The sound of her husband slamming the door woke jia Jia up. At that moment, she suddenly realized that everyone has their own way of life. She should not change her husband and impose her personal will on her husband.Shakespeare said: a thousand Hamlets in a thousand eyes.Then 10,000 people have 10,000 ways to live.In fact, no one is a life coach for others, nor can they tell others how to live their lives.If you have to impose your will on others, you will only worsen the relationship.Respect other people’s way of life, can make the relationship last.If we can respect each other’s way of living and keep a rational and tolerant wisdom on the basis of letting each other be themselves, we can create a harmonious family atmosphere.03 Respect other people’s choice, can not be tired for a long time to see such a sentence: everyone’s idea is different, make different choices.Using their own vision to point fingers at other people’s choices is self-righteous and irrational behavior.I think so.Respect other people’s choice in the relationship between people, can not be tired for long.Friend xiaona in order to let her daughter receive a better education, the daughter is going to the big city to study, his resignation accompany reading.However, her best friend Xiaomei, after hearing her idea, poured cold water on the whole process: “The child is so small, can it adapt to the new environment?You see you leave your husband at home alone, a good family is torn apart, how unworthy?You can’t get rid of this bad habit.””Can’t you just hope for me?I didn’t have a child until I was 35. I’d give anything for her, don’t you care!”In this way, the two good friends become more and more bitter.We all have different experiences, different positions, and often make different choices.Kant said: “I respect every independent soul, although I do not recognize some, but I can understand as much as possible.”If we treat other people’s choices in an inclusive manner and lubricate our relationship with understanding, it will lead to a healthy relationship.Before ang Lee became famous, he spent six years in isolation at home. His friends and relatives did not understand him, and many people laughed at his impossibility of becoming a director.Only the wife Lin Huijia respects her husband’s choice, blocks outside pressure for him, carries the family heavy task, Lee can insist on his dream, finally obtains success.They have been married 38 years, still love, from Lin Huijia can respect her husband’s choice, this love silently nourishing each other.Write in the end: someone said: the world is not exactly the same two leaves, also can not find exactly the same two people.I think so.The world is so big, there are so many people, everyone has their own ideas, we should learn to understand and respect others.With respect, strangers feel kindness and warmth.With respect, no matter affection, friendship, or love, are more a tough and lasting.Respect for others, is a kind of self-cultivation;To be respected is a kind of happiness.Born as a human being, may we all learn to respect and be treated gently by the world.First instance: Yangmei second instance: Xiao Qi proofreading: red tile green wall typesetting: Kun Kun