High-speed rail is about to undergo a major overhaul and plans for many sites have been halted. Is the country really serious this time?

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At present, with the arrival of high-speed rail era, more and more people can enjoy a more convenient and fast travel life.Travel time between metropolitan areas, which used to have relatively long distances, has also been greatly reduced by high-speed rail.Chengdu-chongqing, Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and other regions ushered in the peak of development, while high-speed rail has brought countless benefits to local people, but also let the country see new problems.At this stage, cooling the era of high-speed rail seems to be the best option.The arrival of China’s high-speed railway era has experienced two small peaks.In 2011, under the pressure of immature development mode of high-speed railway, China developed rapidly to become the country with achievements in high-speed railway construction speed in the world.Four years later, 2015 saw a new peak in China’s high-speed railway development.With the continuous domestication of supporting facilities of high-speed rail, the trains put into use are converted to domestication of Fuxing EMU, and the development speed of high-speed rail in China has entered the second mini peak period.However, behind the rapid development of high-speed rail, there are also substantial problems.Many cities with an outflow of population have built high-speed railways to attract people to live in small and medium-sized cities with the slogan of convenient transportation and proximity to large and medium-sized cities.But in fact, the outflow of population has not improved. Instead, the frequency of the original high-speed rail lines has caused huge losses and the daily passenger flow is obviously insufficient.At this point, in fact, there is a greater similarity with the development of the subway.In large and medium cities in China, all have their own subway lines to facilitate people’s travel.However, many small and medium-sized cities put forward the slogan to catch up with the pace of large and medium-sized cities and develop and build subway lines.However, this ignores a key factor. The main reason for the construction and development of subway lines in medium and large cities is that the land public lines in cities cannot meet the needs of ordinary people, and the congestion of roads in cities is very severe.Opening the subway, the idea of large and medium cities is still to solve the traffic pressure.However, small and medium-sized cities do not have traffic travel pressure, even if there is pressure, they can solve the current problems by opening overpasses and building urban expressways.The premature development of subway and high-speed rail lines has increased the financial burden of local cities and caused unnecessary waste of public resources.In view of the above problems, the state has put forward new policies to change the construction ideas of high-speed rail and subway.Cities across the country are urged not to build large-scale lines.Cities that have already built relevant lines should follow the principle of building a second line after the passenger flow reaches 80% or more. As a result, the current speed of railway construction in China will be slowed down, and the planning of many places will also be suspended.Some people complain about it, but it’s actually the best option for the country.Blindly opening too many transportation lines will not help local cities to speed up development.It is best for cities everywhere to follow the rules and create new routes in the way that works best for them.As a result, applications from small and medium-sized cities to build high-speed rail platforms and subway lines will be more stringent.For the country, the new mechanism will bring new pressure and challenges, how to properly deal with the problems of local cities, will be a difficult “technical work”.It is also a matter of urgent concern whether the country will be serious.