Jia Jingwen and her family celebrate the New Year in red, sweater collar is too big to incense shoulder, daughter sticking out her tongue!

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Recently, Jia Jingwen posted a New Year’s greeting video of her two daughters boerp and Bo Niu on her social media site.In the short video, Bob boerp and his brother, both dressed in red, look at the picture and say, “Hello, friends, we are going to celebrate the early years of the New Year.The second daughter, Bob bop, in pigtails, and Bop Bop in pigtails, saw nothing but two men dressed in red cheongsam dresses, and each holding in his hand a red packet larger than his face. The elf made an odd face, and his eyes were wide and his mouth was very pleasing.In addition, she also shared a family photo, a family of five dressed in red clothes, saw Jia Jingwen wearing a shouldered sweater with her daughter Bo Girl, Xiu Jiekai with her second daughter, standing in the middle of the eldest daughter Sun Ling Qian with a dog.The wave girl on the edge is very clever and quietly stretch out his hand to hold the dog’s head.Not long ago, Chia posted a photo of her and Hugh embracing to celebrate the New Year.The two are still in love for many years after they got married. Although Jia jingwen is married for the second time, their sweet life of more than ten years is also regarded as a loving couple in show business.Chia jingwen’s sweet face and firm embrace of her husband’s arm reveal her happy daily life.