Public security disease resistance in a wire | quickly assembled, jingxi police force made war “epidemic”

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Recently, in the face of the severe COVID-19 situation in Baise city, all the police officers of Jingxi Public Security Bureau immediately returned to their posts. Despite the risks, they resolutely engaged in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, carried out solid anti-epidemic work, and firmly built a safety barrier to block the epidemic.On the evening of February 4, with the sound of a whistle, a war without smoke of gunpowder has quietly started, all the police, auxiliary police to give up the Spring Festival holiday time, listen to instructions, all the staff returned to the post, quickly arrived at the designated location to assemble, into the state of war.In the face of the epidemic, the police do not retreat.The Public security bureau of Jingxi, acting as a rebel, rushed to the front and resolutely devoted itself to the front line of epidemic prevention and control, protecting every peace in the villages under its jurisdiction.Digging in key areas, in accordance with the superior arrangement, jingxi city public security bureau immediately organize forces, decisive attack, immediately rushed to the forefront of epidemic prevention maximum sealing point spread, scientific deployment of police, strictly implement the prevention and control measures, strengthen the Long Lin, new armour, ditch the key villages and towns have been supervised CunTun patrols, equality, to set up checked posts and defend,Firmly strengthen the defense line of epidemic prevention and control.According to the work requirements of the superior, while strictly guarding some areas, the first time to start the emergency plan.Under the unified guidance of the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters, the work of tracing the source of the epidemic has been carried out.Relevant personnel should be monitored and clues sorted out to quickly grasp contact information and travel information, and strive to win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.In accordance with the requirement of “preventing imports from outside and rebounding from inside,” we will guard the entrances and exits of key villages and border checkpoints, check passing vehicles one by one, take temperature measurements and register information of passengers and drivers, and stand firmly on every shift.To overcome the cold low temperature weather, stick to the job, carefully check the past personnel, for the people of the city to guard the gate.At present, Jingxi Public Security Department is working together with the inspection, law and department to carry out epidemic prevention and control work in an orderly manner, and resolutely implement the deployment of epidemic prevention and control decisions made by the higher authorities to maintain the overall social stability of Jingxi city.