“Tang Seng square dance” was complained by tourists, official: video all down, forbidden to damage the image of famous characters

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On March 15, according to People’s Daily “led message board”, against Internet users on the “see in jinchang travel across the city square dance company blindly relax classic culture and dress up as a monk tang in journey to the west such as image dance” complaints, jinchang city, gansu province DuZhaShi 15 reply, according to the square dance company called “westward journey” combination, shooting some trill short video,Fifty-five of them involved square dancing videos dressed in the images of Tang Seng, Sun Wukong and Pig Bajie, etc. The parties have been interviewed and ordered to put an end to vulgarity and do not damage the image of the characters in the classical literature. Now all the content of douyin related videos has been removed from the market.On February 22, netizens left a message on People’s Daily online to the party secretary of Jinchang, Gansu Province, saying that they had seen uncivilized phenomena during a trip to jinchang.He said, I am a tourist from outside Jinchang, the beautiful Jinchang left a deep impression on me.But in the rest of the tour, I saw a square dance troupe in the cultural square opposite the municipal government, which was really outrageous, the most classic culture, was blindly turned into a pastime tool.In the long run, this will leave a bad spiritual experience for Jin Chang and many other children.Hope positive rectification, return classic culture a clean noble sky.Jinchang city, gansu province DuZhaShi on March 15, according to the reply after investigation and verification, the square dance company called “westward journey combination”, the “combination” general around 20:00 every day in the city, people’s cultural square led some square square dance dance lovers, dance at ordinary times are usually wear casual wear, occasionally invited to opening ceremony and other activities.I shot some short videos and released them through Douyin, 55 of which were about dancing in the square dressed in the characters of Journey to the West, such as Tang Seng, Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie.In order to celebrate the 15th day of the first lunar month, the group dressed up as tang Sanzang and other characters from journey to the West perform a square dance at the people’s Culture Square in Beijing, Feb. 15, 2018.According to the above verification, the cultural department law enforcement personnel interviewed the parties.First, the party concerned has carried on the publicity and education of laws and regulations, and criticized the improper behavior of the “group”;The second is to order the “group” to resolutely put an end to vulgity, not to do damage to the image of the classical characters in the behavior, not to release improper behavior douyin video.Now all tiktok related video content has been reported by the platform and removed.The parties regret their improper behavior and the bad influence it has brought.He also said that he must reflect deeply, learn lessons, pay attention to his words and deeds at all times, say civilized words, do civilized people, carry forward advanced culture, excellent culture, and jointly maintain a good image of civilized Jinchang.Jinchang city DuZhaShi said, in view of the problems existing in the cultural market, cultural administrative departments will strengthen the scenic spots and cultural sites of theatrical performances, web celebrity, live from the media supervision and inspection, resolutely put an end to the vulgar, unhealthy live theatrical performances and activities, and create a positive and excellent culture, advanced culture create to lay a solid foundation for the national civilization model city.Source: Thepaper.cn Editor: Chen Chen