The Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics is unprecedented in 100 years of Olympic history

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Wen \ river’s lake dance “small fire is small, endless!”For the first time in more than 100 years of Olympic history, the lighting ceremony was completed without the burning cauldron as the two young runners, Dinigal Iramujiang and Zhao Jiawen, gently inserted the final torch into the cauldron.Have to say, directed by zhang yimou as the opening ceremony of the Olympic team, sometimes given such an ignition way, is really beyond imagination, so that many people have thought for two of the last great torch athlete just completed the mission, as they will be the main torch is placed in the middle of the snow turned to leave, there may be full of sense of science and technology of the ignition mode,Finally igniting the main torch tower.Had it not been for the timely explanation given by the TV commentator, many TV viewers would have thought that there would be a lighting ceremony behind, stunned, after getting a clear answer and explanation, many people’s most direct reaction is “this”?In the history of more than one hundred years of Olympic Games and sports games, we have witnessed a variety of impressive and creative way of ignition, for example, the Barcelona Olympic Games archery ignition, the Atlanta Olympics muhammad ali trembling ignition, ignition of the Sydney Olympic Games water, Beijing summer Olympics at the trapeze ignition, equestrian ignition of the doha Asian games,All of them left an indelible impression on millions of sports fans around the world.Even zhang Yimou, the director of the opening ceremony, the success or failure of the key lies in the ignition of creativity, has always been the opening ceremony of the ignition is absolutely secret, not to the last moment will never be revealed.However, this time, after giving up the artistic performance of the team gymnastics, Zhang yimou’s method of lighting the fire is also surprising. It is reported that even the International Olympic Committee could not accept it at first.Plan, according to media reveal zhang imagined is used instead of fire, but because of the international Olympic committee (ioc) for the traditional at the opening ceremony of the “fire”, but to give up, but to is different from the previous Olympic Games, the team choose the flame has shrunk and environmental fluctuation kongfu, finally persuaded the international Olympic committee (ioc), accepted without ignition action, no burning flame ignition mode of the tower,Opened a hundred years of Olympic ignition new journey.However, judging from online reactions, many did not approve of Zhang’s unusual lighting method, joking that the cauldron looks like a cigarette lighter, while others said that it looks like a candle when viewed from a distance.”It feels like everyone is waiting for a big meal when they get a bean sprout,” one netizen said.”It’s just a feeling of great excitement and anticipation that has not been stoked.”In the view of netizens, the main torch although the meaning is very good, but also passed the concept of environmental protection, but “too stingy.”According to Zhang Yimou’s own explanation to the media, this method of ignition has two special features, one is to use the name of the delegation to build snow, and the last leg is the main torch, a change in the past Olympic tradition, he believes that the concept is clear, will become a classic.Do you agree with Zhang Yimou’s boast?