A shares midday review: the two cities 28 differentiation, Shanghai index rose 0.3% close to 3500 points, pharmaceutical stocks plunged

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The two markets are now 28 market, Shanghai index in the financial and other weighted stocks led by 0.34%, at 3497 points, Shenzhen component index fell 0.31%, gem index fell 1.36%, north capital net purchase 1.179 billion.Most of the industry sectors fell, and pharmaceutical stocks were “completely wiped out”. The COVID-19 drug, Helicobacter pylori, COVID-19 testing and CRO concept plunged, and wuxi Apptec fell another 2.7%.New energy stocks trend differentiation, new energy power stocks continue to recent weakness, lithium battery concept mild recovery, leading Ningde era continued to drop 2%, lithium mining stocks surged.Financial stocks rallied, with insurance stocks surging, with China Life up 8%.Oil plate by China’s oil up 6% support, up by the front;Pre-sale capital supervision to meet the national unified provisions, real estate stocks rose, nanshan Holdings and other shares trading limit;Coal, building materials, tourism, liquor and other plates rose.Coal stocks rose almost across the board, ping Coal shares, Yankuang energy rose 7%.Guotai Junan refers to the opening of the year so far coal prices continue to rise, the fundamentals have risen.At present, the coal sector has been at the bottom of expectations, and the valuation is obviously low. With the improvement of the benchmark of the thermal coal association, and the coking coal association price is expected to remain high, high-quality resource enterprises have long-term value, transformation enterprises have room for growth, and the valuation of the sector has begun to improve.Lithium concept surged, Tianqi lithium, Yahua group up 4%.Shanghai Steel association released data show that yesterday, part of the lithium electric materials quotation rose again, among them, battery grade lithium carbonate rose 10000 yuan/ton, the average price of 400,000 yuan/ton.This is more than 40% higher than 280,000 yuan/ton at the end of 2021.That’s more than four times higher than the same period last year.Qu Yinfei, lithium analyst of Shanghai Steel Union New Energy Department, said that the current market situation is expected to break through the price of lithium carbonate 500,000 yuan/ton, supply and demand mismatch is still the main factor driving the price to continue to rise.Property stocks rose, nan Shan holdings and other shares trading limit.News, pre-sale capital supervision to meet the national unified provisions, housing enterprise capital flow tension is expected to be eased.January saw a “good start” in the growth of credit and social financing, with the highest monthly increase in RMB loans and social financing.Guosheng Securities pointed out that during the Spring Festival overseas markets performed well, there is A significant boost to investor sentiment, the year of the Tiger a-share market as scheduled to become an important stage low point in the market.After the holiday, with the policy end of the appropriate advance and the two sessions are expected to heat up, The Shanghai index is expected to return to the rising channel, considering that the pattern of Shanghai strength and shenzhen weakness has not ended, it is recommended to maintain the allocation ratio of value higher than growth in investment.In terms of operation, it is still necessary to control the overall position before the market effectively breaks upwards. “Steady growth” and “post-epidemic era” will become the main logic driving the market operation. It is recommended to pay attention to traditional infrastructure such as construction materials, as well as low-valuation sectors such as banking and insurance.Appropriate layout of digital economy, reform of central enterprises, tourism hotels, air transport and other themes.This article is from Gronhui