Her revolutionary seniority was older than Soong Ching Ling, and she became a vice state after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Her son was later also a vice state

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In modern times, there were several pioneers of the women’s liberation movement, such as Soong Ching Ling, CAI Chang of our Party, Deng Yingchao, etc., who later became leaders of the women’s movement. Little is known about them. There was a woman who was older than them.He xiangning is from guangdong, her family is very good, father and property in tea rich in Hong Kong, was born, father wants her to do an upper-class women, more training to her, when she was seven years old, his father according to custom, ready to give her foot-binding, at an early age he xiangning, very stubborn, she would not foot-binding, whenever mother forced to her bound feet,She snip it off at night with scissors.The next day the mother found that she bound her feet again, in the evening, she cut it again, so dozens of rounds down, the parents love their daughter, no longer give he Xiangning foot-binding, he Xiangning victory, she used her own strong, overcome the feudal habits.Later, Liao Zhongkai, the son of the Liao family in Hong Kong, publicized that he wanted to find a woman without foot-binding as his wife in the new era. At that time, there were few women without foot-binding. After he Xiangning’s parents heard about it, his daughter He Xiangning happened to be the right candidate.In 1903, he Xiangning came to Japan with her husband, Liao Zhongkai, despite her family’s opposition.Japan in the early 20th century, is a place where Chinese bourgeois revolutionaries are very active, in Japan, liao zhongkai and he xiangning met Dr. Sun yat-sen, in addition, they also met a group of like-minded friends, such as hu, wang ching-wei and other people, they have no work, just get together today, to discuss how to revolution and national salvation.After Sun Yat-sen established the Alliance, He Xiangning was introduced by Sun Yat-sen personally and joined the Alliance. She was the first female member of the Alliance. After that, Liao Zhongkai and his wife, He Xiangning, followed Sun Yat-sen for several years.In 1924, sun yat-sen reorganize KMT, decided to united Russia, the communist party, the peasants, he xiangning strongly support, at the same time, she on the women’s movement, also speak many times, this year’s “38 women’s days,” he xiangning delivered a warm speech, the first park in guangzhou after the meeting, she led the women’s parade, chanted “protection of child labor, pregnant women, abolish child bride,Abolish polygamy, forbid maidservants and concubines, abolish prostitution, and strive for women’s liberation.At the time of Sun Yat-sen’s death, the three most powerful people in the Kuomintang were Wang Ching-wei, Hu Han-min, and Liao Zhong-kai. At that time, Chiang Kai-shek’s position in the Kuomintang was not high, and he became the rector of the Huangpu Military Academy. Liao Zhong-kai was the first party representative of the Huangpu Military Academy.Unfortunately, in August 1925, he Xiangning’s husband Liao Zhongkai was assassinated, he Xiangning on the side looking at, she could not rescue, her husband left, He Xiangning inherited his revolutionary will, continue to lead the Kuomintang women’s movement, at the same time, resolute struggle with the Kuomintang rightists.In 1926, he xiangning joint deng yingchao, soong ching ling, legislation proposal for the women’s movement in the kuomintang, because of her qualifications of the old, the suggestion was quickly adopted, and the after, “the 918 incident” broke out, he xiangning: doing my best in the nation’s Anti-Japanese War, weighing up without fighting back, many people say Chiang kai-shek ordered,He Xiangning is deeply angry, she sent Chiang Kai-shek an old skirt of his, above write a poem: in vain call a man, willing to suffer Japanese slave spirit.No battle to send mountains and rivers, eternal shame.Our women are ready to die on the battlefield.Take my clothes and wear yours!In 1932, the Japanese attacked Shanghai, the 19th Route Army fought back bravely, he Xiangning was deeply excited, she ignored his sick body, personally went to the front line to comfort soldiers, in addition, she also united Soong Ching Ling et al founded the wounded hospital, ambulance team, etc..In the anti-japanese national salvation movement, He Xiangning also devoted to the rescue of democratic figures, in 1936, Shen Junru and other seven gentlemen were arrested by the National government, He Xiangning and Soong Ching Ling and others actively carry out rescue activities.He Xiangning and Liao Zhongkai’s son is Liao Chengzhi, Liao Chengzhi joined the Communist Party of China in 1928, later the Long March, in 1936 arrived in northern Shaanxi, after the outbreak of the War of Resistance, he Xiangning wrote to his son Liao Chengzhi in Yan ‘an, encouraging him: strive to resist the enemy, mian for the government’s Anti-Japanese War support, in order to have your father’s legacy.Later, the telegram he xiangning sent to her son was published in full by a Shanghai newspaper. The famous playwright Tian Han was so moved that he wrote: “If motherhood is like this, China cannot die.”Wang Jingwei defected into a traitor, he Xiangning was very angry, she could never think of the same revolutionary comrade-in arms, but eventually betrayed his motherland, she immediately in the newspaper power generation angry.At the same time, he Xiangning and Soong Ching Ling together for the Anti-Japanese War effort, many times rush about, the Southern Anhui incident, Chiang Kai-shek regardless of the anti-japanese crisis, sent troops to eliminate the New Fourth Army, He Xiangning denounced Chiang Kai-shek against sun Yat-sen will.In 1949, he Xiangning was invited by the CPC to attend the new CPPCC meeting in Beijing. Upon arriving in Beijing, Zhu De, Zhou Enlai, Deng Yingchao and others met her at the railway station. On the same evening, Chairman MAO held a banquet in Zhongnanhai for her.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, He Xiangning served successively as vice chairman of the National People’s Congress and vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, becoming vice state level.Historically speaking, there are more than 380 women who took part in the revolution before and after the Revolution of 1911. Among them, less than 200 were influential, while only 54 actually joined the Tong Meng Hui.Among the 54, he Xiangning was the only one who could stick to the revolution all his life and span the two eras of the Republic of China and the New China.In 1972, Zhou Enlai visited he Xiangning who was seriously ill. He Xiangning proposed to Zhou Enlai that she hoped to be buried with her husband Liao Zhongkai after her death. Zhou Enlai told her that the central government had agreed.It is worth mentioning that He xiangning’s son liao Chengzhi, who later became a vice chairman of the National People’s Congress, became a vice governor.Both mother and son are vice-state level, which shows that they made great contributions to the revolution.