It is the most beautiful “music castle” in Gulangyu Island.

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The Department of Fine Arts and Home In Xiamen is a boutique resort hotel with a pure musical theme.Consisting of two old villas with a history of more than 100 years, they have been restored to their original historical appearance after a full year of reconstruction and renovation.Because it is a music-themed hotel, there is music everywhere, and the sculpture in the courtyard is a cherubs listening to music.Enter the courtyard, green plants and parasol table, everywhere flowing music, petty bourgeoise feelings instantly aroused.▲ There are portraits of Beethoven and other musicians hanging on the wall of the hall. Look at the antique phonograph.The fe department is filled with music everywhere, and the first floor of the hotel has a piano playing area and a classical music salon area.In the lobby of the hotel, we also prepared two sets of complete piano scores from home and abroad.▲ Each room is named after music. Each room is named after music. There is a wall-mounted CD player and a COMPLIMENTARY CD.The decoration style of different floors is different, including romantic and pastoral style, floral wallpaper and white furniture. Each room in the main building has a balcony for reading, drinking tea and chatting.Every detail is in place, exquisite room cards, CDS prepared for each room that can be taken home to listen to, and a bookcase on the third floor. There are headphones for listening to music on each floor. There are music masters everywhere, and I feel that I have entered the music museum.