It’s a combination of immortal CP and five-star opening

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Some time ago, large factory redundancy frequency hot search.Some companies also call it “graduation”, so that many workers are dissatisfied.What will happen to them after they leave office is also the subject of constant attention and discussion.Coincidentally, a new play, incredibly set qi emperor and queen.I photographed these career losers.They were kicked out and demoted to the chicken ribs department.Working as a garbage collector and getting puffed by the boss all day…Scene after scene encounter, too real.Must-see of the year for Working People — Slow Horses Season 1 This show has an extravagant cast.It’s directed by James Harves, the director of the hit sci-fi series Cataclysm and the adaptation snowpiercer.It stars Gary Oldman, who won best Actor for his role as Prime Minister Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour.This play again contributed to the disfigurement type acting, as a scruffy, only know drinking, smoking, curse subordinates of the devil boss.Kristin Scott Thomas, nominated for best actress for “The English Patient.”The English Patient also played Churchill’s wife in Darkest Hour.In this drama, once again with the dog father cooperation, as mi5 ruthless deputy director.And Jack Louden, best known for Dunkirk.Olivia Cook from Ready Player One.They all played young agents who were miserably eliminated.Strong cooperation, good reputation.Douban is 8.2.Rotten Tomatoes, popcorn is 90% plus.Adapted from a series of novels of the same name.The novel was listed by The Daily Telegraph as one of the 20 best spy novels of all time.Different from the cold spy drama in the impression, this drama focuses on down-to-earth workplace drama.Male main carter, although is a secret agent, but also a helpless pain workers.He came out and made a big mess.In the hunt for a terrorist carrying a bomb, he identified the wrong target.”Blue shirt and white shirt” or “blue shirt and white shirt”, stupid can’t tell.Resulting in 149 deaths, 212 injuries, 3.5 million pounds in property damage, 500 million pounds in lost earnings…In fact, it was just a training exercise, and the casualties and damage were estimated.But the industry is too volume, fault tolerance rate is very low.Carter was immediately told to pack his bags.Thanks to the secret help of his grandfather, who worked at the top of the government, he barely kept his job.Carter’s new job, in the Slough department.Sounds like a new department, and it’s only five miles from MI5 headquarters.But in reality, the working environment is very different.From spacious, bright, modern offices.To shabby, run-down old houses without elevators.The job content is far from the real spy work.Routine is cleaning up after regular agents at headquarters.Documents from decades ago, but the exact purpose of the investigation is hidden.At the same time, but also continue to bear the boss endless ridicule, abuse.After eight months on the job, Carter is still at the bottom of the contempt chain.The main task is to dig through the garbage.His name isn’t even in the headquarters database, so he can only be accessed as a visitor.After a career slump, the only consolation is to finally stop.Slough’s workload is light, not life-threatening, and there is absolutely no overtime.All the employees, including the boss, collectively crapped.If you are still in the office after 5 o ‘clock, you will be kicked out by the boss. In this kind of working environment, you can’t exert your spare heat, so you should enjoy life to the fullest.Many employees think only about after-work drinks and a chance to dine together.But Carter was never satisfied.He was, after all, a professional operative with memorable moments.He’s still looking for a chance to prove himself and get his old job back.Coincidentally, there was a bombshell.Some ultranationalist terrorists kidnapped a college student.He also claimed to broadcast beheadings live on the Internet.It put Carter’s spy DNA back on the move.Besides, he noticed something strange when he went through the trash.First, he found out they were investigating a suspect.But he was, confusingly, a washed-up journalist with a clean resume.There didn’t seem to be anything worth alerting military intelligence about.But to be prudent, he kept an eye on it.He went out of his way to find out from his grandfather that the suspect had had a run-in with MI5.Later, Carter found evidence that the man was not simple — he had not left a footprint on the Internet.What’s more, the trash he threw out included a chemical fuel used to burn computers and destroy hard drives.Which means he probably had classified documents on his computer.What do classified documents have to do with a terrorist organization?Carter plans to work long hours on his own, solve puzzles and prove himself on the job.He stalked the suspect and monitored his movements.But they did not expect that their actions were also under the surveillance of colleagues…Based on the updated two episodes, it is not difficult to speculate that the follow-up must be a “cool drama” mode.Carter will have to break through a lot of obstacles.Moving the investigation forward while solving surveillance challenges.Turn into an elite spy by solving big crimes.Obviously, this is not the “007” spy story with wine, beautiful women and fancy cars.This drama will spy story all-round disenchantment, shot into a realistic theme of the workplace story.The talented spy has the same career dilemma as the rest of us.As the title of the play, liu Ren, suggests.Everyone in Carter’s department is a social outcast.Some are due to subjective mistakes, and some are subject to objective reasons. Everyone has his own difficulties.Carter wasn’t demoted for his mistake.He was set up by a colleague.A colleague made a mistake in communicating intelligence by mistakenly saying “blue shirt, white shirt” instead of “blue shirt, white shirt”.Denied it and blamed Carter.For lack of evidence, Carter took the blame.Carter’s female colleague came to slough’s office.Because after the mysterious death of her father, she drank too much and lost her glamorous job.Now she works as a secretary serving tea and water in the waste wood department.I have to go to aa after work to help myself.Another colleague, an elite agent, accidentally left important information on a train.He lost his decent job at MI5.Because this and his wife’s feelings are broken, but divorce.Even Carter’s boss, who seems to have nothing to do.But he was actually a very good agent.When you see a kidnapping on TV, you can immediately identify the kidnapper.However, after being demoted to this department due to a huge blow, he has become increasingly degraded.The programmers in the loser department are actually very skilled, able to process dense information in a matter of seconds.But later also did not have the work enthusiasm, but to settle down to finish the duty.There are other members, too, who have had rough work experiences.Specific reasons, but also in the follow-up series one by one.In short, everyone in slough’s department lived one day at a time.Every day in order to make a living, work to touch fish, deal with the matter.Co-workers who ask for favors also charge extra money.But the so-called “put rotten” is actually just to the reality of disappointment after the helpless move.In fact, they all have a deep desire to go to the forefront and do their best.Just limited by the working environment, can not display, ideas can not be valued.And the kidnapping, and the presence of the suspect, gave slough an opening.Because terrorists are backed by business leaders, and there are complicated political factors involved.At the top of MI5, they were too scared to make a move.They simply left the thorny problem to the Slough department.This is an opportunity for those frustrated in the workplace to form a new spy alliance for the rest of the story.In an exciting and challenging mission.Break through the dull working state and usher in the highlight moment of life again.It’s not hard to see the show as a modern spy story in its own right.No more tongued, haloed spies.No more cool, flashy, full-on chases.All that’s left is realistic MI5, hardcore cases, real nobody.After the end of bond’s legendary era.This down-to-earth spy image may be more likely to elicit empathy from ordinary people.Compared to the secret organization’s struggle against evil.The story of a different workplace attack is also more exciting.