LPL Spring: Shiba Inu is a puppy!Epheus fireworks BLG takes first

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Today’s second regular season game is between BLG and RA. Weiwei helped Doggo Epilius cut a double at the beginning of the first game. Both sides continue to develop steadily, but in the few group battles, Crisp’s hammer hook and Doggo Epilius’ output have been brilliant, And Epilius continues to harvest.Although the RA male gun continued to single line development operation economy has not been opened, but the key dragon group battle Epheus fireworks explosion double play, BLG took the dragon after advancing on the road using Epheus riding face output group to destroy the RA after winning the first round!Both first: BLG: Upper single Breathe, wild Weiwei, middle single FoFo, lower Doggo, auxiliary CrispRA: Upper single Cube, wild Leyan, middle single Strive, lower iBoy, auxiliary yuyanjiaBP stage: blue BLG:Pick Hammer Stone, Prince, Epheus, Jess, Winder Ban: Rexel, Leopard Woman, Crocodile, Jack, Gwen Red Square RA: Pick Plane, Jinx, Titan, Bobby, Gun Ban: Chiu Xin, Policewoman, Levant, Victor, VickusBLG three take advantage of RA duo retreat not decisive time to play together, Weiwei directly cover the two, Doggo Epilius cut double!Meanwhile, Leyan’s Bobby takes the first lead!Weiwei prince under road one dozen two continuous pursuit with the prince cut off iBoy Jinke silk!On the way Leyan releases the spearhead and knocks down a tower!With time running out for the Strain plane’s explosive pack, RA decided to release the second dragon to BLG!RA invaded the field to catch FoFo’s clockwork, but the BLG started to backfire with five people!Yuyanjia Titan thread blood escape, but Leyan’s Bobby is not so lucky, Doggo Epelius accepted the head, BLG took the second pioneer!At the river, Crisp hammer stone blind vision directly hooks Cube male gun which has been developing. After the male gun flashes, although the hammer stone is lost first, BLG also kills Titan. After the two sides assist in exchange, Strive plane comes in from behind with charge bag, although Weiwei is cut off, but Doggo Epheus damage explosion directly takes one set away!Doggo’s KDA is now 5-0 after this round!Cube misjudged his position on the road and was once again killed by BLG’s four men, while RA came back and took Crisp’s hammer stone!The two sides pull away after a change!Leyan bobby is seen by BLG on the river, Crisp hammer stone holds again, epheus takes his seventh kill!BLG takes down Tai Lung!RA took the fourth dragon, BLG steady word head off the top two two towers!But the Cube male gun continues to develop singly down the road!Strive steals the dragon alone at the moment, BLG fights the dragon, both sides pull, and Doggo’s Epheus kills both of them with a direct blast from the wind and a direct blow from the Front Silver flame!BLG takes down Tai Lung without pressure!BLG and Tai Long BUFF push off the high ground and retreat!BLG pushes the road high, Weiwei directly covers the three, Doggo Ephielius with the force of the wind directly riding face output cut double kill!BLG won the first game after killing RA!Postgame stats: MVP: