The key to winning cards

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Some people, from a good hand but play rotten, become a loser.Some people play a bad hand but turn it around and win the game.Also some people, bad hands are not bad, can only strive for a slip slope touch fish.Of course, there are people who play good cards or bad cards, and then play better or worse.Whether the hand is good or bad, want to win is common, and can win that is ability, is strength.People who win deserve to be respected.Understand this, and look for the secret.Read a lot of commentaries, autobiographies, and a lot of secret books, and finally discover the truth.That is, there is no mystery, only focus.In a game of poker, there are no shortcuts and no turning back.Drawing gourd gourd gourd gourd is not practical, can only feel the stone to cross the river, only step into the river to truly feel, to know the depth.The same thing, in order to achieve the same goal outcome, on different people, during the effort and hardship, the degree is completely different.For example, gu Ailing, an 18-year-old student with excellent academic performance, is the most shining star in the Winter Olympic Games. Her wonderful life has just begun, but she is already at a height that many people can hardly reach in their whole life.Brought up by a single mother, she has experienced what only she can understand.Talent and hard work are of course important, but more important is the cheerful and optimistic, positive character performance, so that the majority of the audience accepted and recognized, so that people naturally comfortable.There are always champions, but Gu Ailing is unique.The ancients led the army to fight, saying that the right time and the right place.Today people want to think of something to do, but also to speak of the right time and place.There is a need, but there is a priority.Success is not war, and people are more important than the right place at the right time.This “and” is the key to winning cards.